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You may have just received an offer to teach at a great school in Beijing and in your excitement, you accept the offer without hesitation. Sometimes with our excitement, we become blind to the risks and precautions we need to take. What may look great on paper may not be in real life. Teaching in China has long been a popular choice of adventure for those who wish to experience a different culture as well as those who are looking to further their careers., however, it’s important to know what to expect and the reality of the situation. Here are a few things that you should take into account:

  1. 1) Schools

The first thing to consider is the school you will be teaching with. It is important to differentiate between teaching hours and office hours. It’s always useful to speak to current or former teachers at the school and have the school researched for peace of mind. The facilities at different schools will vary, especially between major cities and the more rural parts of China. It may useful for you to have access to technology in the classroom or having your own office, so it is important to establish what your working environment will be like before accepting an offer.

  1. 2) Students

Next, consider the type of students you will be teaching and the classroom size. Taking into account the English proficiency of your potential students and what their expectations are will enable you to prepare better and ensure a good experience teaching in China.

  1. 3) Accommodation

The type of accommodation should be something else to consider. Some schools will provide accommodation, which will generally have western toilets although this will vary. Other schools may offer an accommodation allowance, where you will need to find your own accommodation, but may work out better as you can choose somewhere based on your preferences. If you know someone else working in the same city, you can usually find a great deal if you get an apartment together.

  1. 4) Culture

Before teaching in China, you should familiarise yourself with the differences in cultures. Many expats arrive and experience the ‘culture shock’. Reading up about the culture and customs and learning a few useful phrases can go a long way and can help you settle down much more quickly.

  1. 5) Packing

Once all the formalities are completed, the excitement of packing arrives! It’s important to pack correctly and not to over pack. Due to globalisation, most things will be available abroad too, but it’s worth double checking as some more rural parts of China may not have your favourite shampoo. Airlines also charge hefty fees for overweight baggage so decide whether it’s worth the extra cost. Taking a few essentials is generally sufficient.

Knowing your surroundings and conducting research into the school will not only make you more comfortable in an unfamiliar country but it will also help you better prepared for the unexpected!

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  • Kimmi, USA  Placed in Shanghai

    Kimmi, USA Placed in Shanghai

    I truly appreciate all the work that Teaching Nomad did upon arriving to Shanghai. Teaching Nomad helped with everything else once I landed, from paperwork to directions. Everyone at the agency is wonderful and extremely helpful and welcoming.
  • Rafael, USA  Placed in Shanghai

    Rafael, USA Placed in Shanghai

    Teaching Nomad was by far the easiest process I have gone through. I was able to get all the information I needed to continue with the job application. It was quick, efficient, friendly, and effective (I got the job).
  • Andrew, USA  Placed in Shanghai

    Andrew, USA Placed in Shanghai

    I didn't know what professionalism was until I started working with Teaching Nomad. They have always responded to my questions and comment promptly and in a friendly manner. With Teaching Nomad I have truly found my dream contract.
  • Elsie,SA  Placed in Shanghai

    Elsie,SA Placed in Shanghai

    Teaching Nomad helped me at a time in my life when I needed to make a positive career move. They helped me find a position in which I feel challenged, motivated and where I have the opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge as a teacher.
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