Teaching Abroad in China – Benefits to earning your TEFL/TESOL

Before you are able to embark on your journey to teach around the world if you want to be able to teach English as a foreign language you will in most situations need a TEFL certification. One can obtain their TEFL certification through a variety of internet courses that offer various levels and modules. TEFL certifications can easily be obtained with a month and won’t cost you a lot of money but it opens up so many opportunities. Obtaining a TEFL will greatly improve your odds of finding a job as well as a higher paying salary. But beyond the obvious financial implications what other benefits are there to obtaining a TEFL certification?


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If you are a person that enjoys traveling around the world but wants something deeper than the tourist experience then TEFL is a great avenue for doing so.  There’s a huge demand for TEFL teacher overseas so you can easily find jobs in countries that you have always wanted to visit and explore. You get to learn how to adapt to a different a culture and a different routine that helps you grow as an individual. You have a unique opportunity to learn language from the locals in an environment that is far more stimulating than the classroom.

Don’t forget the benefits to your resume; since we live in a global economy a person who has the experience in different countries gives you a unique edge over your competitors. A person who demonstrates the ability to adapt to different cultures and situations appeals to employers. For example if you are engineer that spent a year in China teaching English you would have a unique advantage for an employer looking to send over for a project in China because you would have an understanding of the language and an idea of the situation in China.

If you are interested in completing an on-line TESOL certification, Teaching Nomad recommends using Global English. For China, a 120HR certification is recommended. Enter discount code "TN3" to get 10% off any program!

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