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  • What is ESL, EFL, TEFL, TEFL-C, TESOL, TOEFL ? >

    English as a Second Language (ESL) differs from EFL, in that ESL implies the teaching and learning of English in an English-speaking region (e.g., the US), while EFL more commonly applies in non-English speaking regions. EFL and ESL involve different challenges and strategies for teachers and learners alike.

    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) and Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) are often used as interchangeable terms. While they differ slightly from one another, both are established, internationally recognized standards for methodology and practice to teach English language skills to non-native-English speakers. TESOL certification is widely regarded as a rigorous standard for teachers, and requires prescribed curriculum, and a minimum six hours of supervised practice teaching in an actual student-classroom environment. A TESOL certificate is widely recognized by EFL teaching schools and programs as the mark of a well trained, highly qualified EFL teacher. Because there are so many TESOL training programs to choose from, Teaching Nomad has made it easy for you by partnering with Global English, an Internationally accredited TESOL training program. You can learn more about them here.

    On the student side, the Test Of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a widely recognized test of proficiency in the English language. At most US and U.K. colleges and universities, a verifiable passing mark on the TOEFL exam is a requirement to matriculate for all students from non-English-speaking countries.

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  • Do I need to speak another language? >

    No, as a matter of fact the schools do not want to you to speak Chinese in the classroom. In many cases you will work with a local Chinese teacher in the classroom that can translate if needed. Assuming you would like to learn Mandarin Chinese, you have a multitude of options at your disposal. Everything from on-line software, private tutors to group intensive classes

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  • What will my travel expenses be? >

    First you will need to pay the processing fees for your China Visa (more information here). Then your 2 main expenses will be airfare and hotel stay upon arrival. All of the teaching jobs we offer provide some form of compensation for these 2 expenses. In some cases the school will pay for them upfront. In other cases you will need pay and the school will reimburse you. Your recruiter will be able to tell you the specific compensation provided by specific schools.

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  • Do I need teaching certification or experience? >

    At this time all of the teaching positions we are offering require either 1 year of teaching experience or an Internationally recognized TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certification. Satisfying either of these requirements will qualify you for a teaching position in China. Candidates with both experience and certification stand to benefit from the highest paying positions. To assist our candidates with acquiring their TESOL certification we have partnered with Global English. Click here to learn more about available courses and a discount provided for Teaching Nomad teachers!

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  • Do I need a university degree? >

    Teaching positions in China will require proof of completion of a Bachelors degree or above. See more about Work Visa and Foreign Expert Certification.

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  • Jobs Teaching English, Teacher Job & Teaching Jobs Vacancies - Teachingnomad.com >

    Private English language training center for kids or adults:
    These schools are attended by kids or adults on the evenings and weekends, specifically for English language instruction. This is the fastest growing segment of education in China. Classes are held year around with the majority of vacation time based around Chinese holidays. Because of the rapid growth in this segment many of these schools provide potential for career advancement.

    The name says it all, the children are 18 months to 6 years old. You will be helping them become familiar and comfortable with the English language. Schedule is daytime weekday hours. Preschools hold classes year around while kindergartens work on the traditional 2 semester schedule with winter and summer breaks. Foreign language primary, middle or high school: These are traditional schools for all grades. Some subjects are taught by foreign teachers in English, while others are taught by local teachers in Chinese. Classes are held on the traditional 2 semester schedule with breaks in the winter and summer.

    International School:
    These schools are where the professional expats and wealthy locals send their children. Tuition is expensive and the level of education is top notch. Classes are held on the traditional 2 semester schedule and almost all classes are taught in English. Teacher qualifications are toughest in this category but the remuneration is fantastic. These schools often require a 2 year commitment.

    These positions vary greatly. There are jobs for entry level teachers instructing basic oral English up to Doctorate level professors. Classes are held on the traditional 2 semester schedule.

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  • What are the best teaching jobs in China? >

    The answer to this question really depends on what you are trying to accomplish while you are here. Are you looking for experience to help build a teaching career? Is money a big concern? Do you want as much time to travel as possible? By explaining your goals/plans to your Teaching Nomad recruiter, he/she will be able to help find the best teaching job for you. See below for the different types of English teaching positions in China.

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  • How much will I get paid? >

    Salaries and bonuses will vary greatly by region and by the type of school. Some parts of China have considerably higher cost of living than others. Full time teaching work on average will pay between CNY6,200 - 40,000/month. Keep in mind that with the cost of living in China in most cases this money will allow you your own apartment, housekeeper, discretionary spending (eating out, etc.) and you will still be able to save money each month! Compensation can also include a starting bonus, free airfare, housing stipend and contract completion bonus. For more details check out the live job board for current openings with salaries.

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  • How to write your teach abroad resume/CV >

    Your resume or CV (Curriculum Vitae) will probably follow a similar outline to what is used in your home country but there are some things you can add to make it stand out from the crowd.

    Basic information:

    You probably wouldn’t have this information on a CV in your home country but work VISA regulations have rules on age and nationality so you will want to add that.

    Always include a photo. A passport style “headshot” is perfect. The schools want to know what you like and after you’re hired this photo will be submitted with your other documents to secure your work VISA.

    Additional suggestions:

    When listing work experience there is no need to write a paragraph about each job. A basic explanation along with some bullet points is perfect. Be sure to clearly list the dates of employment and if you really want to stand out, add the name and contact information to a reference at the company! 

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  • Does Teaching Nomad have fees? >

    Teaching Nomad's services are completely free for Teachers! Whatever you need assistance with from simply an introduction to a great school to airport pick up, we won't charge you anything. We make money by charging a fee to the schools that hire our teachers. In addition, using our services will not affect your monthly pay, the school will always pay you the same or more than if you had applied directly to them.
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  • Teaching in China without a degree >

    Teaching positions in many provinces in China will require proof of completion of a Bachelors degree or above. That being said, some teaching positions either because of the scope of work or location do not require a college degree. While not having a degree will somewhat limit your options, Teaching Nomad does have positions that will allow you to work legally in China without a degree.  See more about Work Visa and Foreign Expert Certification.

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  • Work VISA/Residence permit/Foreign Expert Certificate >

    To work in China as a legal English teacher, your school will need to assist you in obtaining a “Residence permit” and a “Foreign Expert Certification/Work permit” from the Chinese government. Only legal, licensed schools can actually hire foreigners. By working with Teaching Nomad you can rest assured that your new job will be with one of these legal schools.

    The process works like this: Once you have signed and submitted your teaching contract, your school will request your “alien work permit” from the Chinese government. This document along with their “invitation letter” will be sent directly to you. Once received, you will need to submit this paperwork along with your passport and visa application either directly to the Chinese embassy in your home country or to a VISA agent like VISA HQ (the agent recommended by Teaching Nomad). There will be a fee to pay which varies by country. Depending on processing time, in a few days or a week you will get your passport back in mail with a temporary “Z visa” inside. This temporary VISA is good for 30 days and is designed for you to enter China.

    Once you’re in China your school will assist you in converting this temporary VISA into a “Foreign Expert Certification/Work permit” and a “Residence permit”. This process could take 2 -6 weeks during which you will not have your passport. We do suggest you make a copy of it before it’s out of your possession. The government also requires you to have physical exam done. It pretty basic and is usually completed in China, in some cases, your school may send you a medical exam form that you can use to have the exam completed in your home country. Hopefully that clarifies the VISA situation for you! Visit our downloads page for a PDF info sheet about visas in China.

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  • Wall Street English >

    Teach with Wall Street English

    Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime

    Teach English in the most modern and metropolitan cities in China, while making a difference in the lives of adults who are working to reach their own career goals.

    As far as your professional development, Wall Street constantly improves their teaching methods and helps you expand your teaching skills in a creative way. An average number of each class covers 20-25 students. All students here come for the same goals so as it makes it to an ideal place to meet new people and practice the English language, providing them with a place to study and to participate in group activities. 

    Apply Now 

    Wall Street English Teaching jobs in China available cities:

    • Beijing • Guangzhou • Shanghai • Foshan • Tianjin • Qingdao • Nanjing • Suzhou • Wuxi • Hangzhou • Shenzhen




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  • HESS >

    Teach with HESS

    Choose a career that opens up a world of new cultures, unique people, and wonderful travel opportunities.

    Founded in 1983, HESS International Educational Group is the largest and most recognized private language school in Taiwan. They employ more than 600 native English-speaking teachers in 180+ HESS schools across Asia. Their staff has more than 30 years of experience looking after both new and experienced teachers just like you! When teaching with HESS, the aim is to introduce English in much the same manner as a child's first language is discovered. Through a wide range of stimulating activities and situations, learners acquire English naturally. Their philosophy is to nurture happy, well-rounded, curious, and confident children. 

    At HESS, you’ll work directly with a stable, well-established educational organization, so take the first steps toward teaching English in Asia today!

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    HESS Teaching jobs in China & Taiwan available cities:

    • Shanghai • Tianjin • Wuxi • Taipei

    HESS Map China



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