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Invitation to China letter

I, Patrick Cazaly, am inviting my friend, Amy Petzoldt to visit me in Shanghai, China.

  • Her full name is: __________ – Australian Passport _____
  • His intended dates of travel are: February 7th — April 20th , 2014
  • His intended places of travel are: Shanghai
  • Sex: male
  • His date of birth is: January 8th, 1969
  • His current place of residence is: 26 Chatham Road. Keswick, 5035, Australia
  • Full name: ___________
  • US Passport# __________
  • Residence permit# ____________
  • Address in China: 515 Xujiahui Road. Shanghai, PRC
  • Phone number: +____________

My information:

Feel free to contact me directly should you need any additional information.

Best regards,

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  • Does Teaching Nomad have fees?

    Teaching Nomad's services are completely free for Teachers! Whatever you need assistance with from simply an introduction to a great school to airport pick up, we won't charge you anything. We make money by charging a fee to the schools that hire our teachers. In addition, using our services will not affect your monthly pay, the school will always pay you the same or more than if you had applied directly to them. Read More
  • Cost of living in China

    As a teacher you have quite a built in advantage here in China. Teachers can earn anything from $1,500 –$4,000 per month. There are also plenty other benefits like free housing, free meals and 1-2 months of PAID vacation. China is a huge and varied country; the highest earning individuals are in the biggest cities and of course this is where the highest expenses are. The apartment you choose to live in will ultimately affect every part of your cost of living. If you travel by subway to work you can pay .50 cents each way for the subway. Or you can spend $2 ($2 for the first 1&1/2 miles) or more on a cab ride. Yes, Uber is available. A basic guide to go off of for apartment cost is: 3,800 RMB - One bedroom of a larger apartment in a tier 1 city 1,000 RMB – Entire one bedroom apartment in less developed city Other costs you'll encounter: 25RMB/Hour - Housekeeper (called an Ayi) 500 RMB - Train ticket (Beijing to Shanghai) 180 RMB - 1hr massage 2,500 RMB - Electric scooter (very popular in big cities) 500 RMB - Bicycle 10 RMB - DVD 15 RMB - Video game (playstation, Xbox, etc.) 1,800 RMB - In-home Internet for the year 1,600 RMB - Plane ticket (Shanghai to Bangkok, Thailand) 5 RMB - Local beer 30 RMB – Imported beer These are just a few examples of expenses you may come across while living and teaching in China. Moral of the story is by working with Teaching Nomad you are guaranteed to get a position that will pay you enough to live well, save money, pay off debts or any combination. See a cost comparison guide for different types of cities in China   Read More
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