16 Dec
  As a teacher who spends much of your time with students, planning lessons, meeting with parents and the like it can be easy to forget that, with the exception of public schools and a minority of not-for profit organizations, schools are businesses. Like any business they’d like to keep costs down where they can, and this includes teachers’ salaries. Of course they have to weigh this against the market rate of a teacher with certain qualifications and experience. This means that there is some grey area around salaries and some room for negotiation, though this can be a little scary. Particularly if you’ve never negotiated before.
07 Sep
  Guest blog by International School Community Around the world, there are countries that have only one or two international schools and others with hundreds of them.  In countries with multiple international schools, one can find American, British, and the schools that use an international curriculum (e.g. DP, IPC, etc.). The question in prospective teachers minds is: How do each city’s schools compare to each other when considering working in these countries with many international schools? In this article, we would like to highlight some pros and cons to working at a variety of international schools across China. Using the International School Community website’s database, we found 103 international schools in China that have had comments submitted on them by our members. Finding out what life really looks like is the key to discovery of the best fit for you in your job search.  You might not consider teaching in China as your first choice, but do not close the door on what could be an excellent job opportunity and amazing cultural experience for you.  China is most likely not at all similar to your home country, so it is important to keep your mind open and learn the most…
06 Feb
  Teaching Nomad has branched out and as of today we're recruiting qualified educators for a number of prestigious schools in the Middle East, and we have some particularly exciting opportunities in Saudi Arabia. But just what is there to know about the largest of the Arab states?
10 Nov
  Many prospective ESL teachers wonder whether they should sign up for an online or an onsite TEFL. Here is a brief review of the advantage of each. 

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