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17 Aug
Oh, the dreaded online teaching demonstration. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “This is so awkward! Why do I have to do this?” Well, the school wants to get to know you a little better as an educator, so a teaching demonstration is a good way for them to get a sense of your personality, teaching style, ability to lesson plan, and professionalism. These are all things that are important when teaching ESL abroad. If you’re an old pro at teaching demos, an online teaching demo is not that different from an in-person one. As a rule, your video should be professional, polished, and not bore the person watching it to tears.
24 Jul
  Tips for new teachers My first-year teaching was an unforgettable experience. I left my home state of New Jersey and moved to the rural south in North Carolina to teach High School Spanish with Teach for America. There were many lows, but many more highs. I learned invaluable lessons about myself and teaching through this experience, and the whole experience was unforgettable. Here is a short guide for first year teachers with some simple things to keep in mind as you navigate your own experience during year one. 1. Ask for help The “fake it 'til you make it” mentality will only get you so far, and kids are smarter than you may think - they can see right through this. I found that modeling vulnerability, making mistakes, admitting when I was wrong, and being honest benefited the class more. In doing this, students realized making mistakes was not only inevitable, but crucial for growth. When it comes to coworkers, use them as the powerful resources they are. Ask veteran teachers in your building for advice during your first year, for they will be your greatest asset and ally. Ask them for help in planning lessons and explaining concepts. Ask about…
25 Jan
    As a new English teacher you might frown upon the names of your new students. Like most language learners, they were given the freedom to choose their own English names and --- perhaps sometimes a little too much freedom. Instead of John or Mary, boys will call themselves Hulk, Tarzan, Hercules or Devil, while girls go by the names of: Cherry, Holiday, Apple, Happy, Lolly or Sugar.  

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