21 Jan
As you already know, the cost of living, average salaries, and the extra necessary expenses change depending on where you're living and what kind of a lifestyle you lead. That being said, we've done our best to put together a resource for you to refer to when you're trying to budget and figure out how much disposable income you'll end up with after moving to China.
09 Jan
When you arrive in the UAE, you will find that without a car, you are much like a fish out of water. Everyone has them, even expats who are only there for a couple of years. While this may seem daunting – because you have a car back home, because driving in a foreign country is nerve-wracking, because you don’t want to put down the money – it’s one of the necessities of life in the UAE.
19 Dec
Congratulations on your new job in the UAE! Now it's time to start preparing for this new chapter of your life.  We know that you are excited about starting your new job and broadening your horizons by living overseas; however, moving abroad can be a stressful process. We would like to recommend a few pointers that will make your transition to living in the UAE more seamless. 
05 Dec
When moving to the United Arab Emirates, one of the most important considerations is their more conservative culture in comparison with that of the United States. While this doesn’t necessarily have to be a turn-off, it’s key to be prepared. In the case of the UAE, 95% of the population is Muslim. Respecting the culture and their rules will ensure that you have a more meaningful – and safe – experience in the UAE.

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