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04 Dec
Moving abroad can be hard at first, and for most people it’s a big decision. These feelings pass though and from there it’s mostly the best journey of your life. For those who are wondering what it’s like, here’s a few feelings you may experience when you get to China, and perhaps what you’re worrying about before you’ve decided to make the move! This is so new! Upon arrival, it’s totally normal to feel a little out of your depth. It’s a new place that you probably haven’t been to before. It looks, smells and feels different and most of all its big! A few weeks in though and you feel totally at home and may even prefer it to your home town. How am I going to get around? Will I be able to use public transport and taxis? Well, the metro is super easy to use and really inexpensive, as are taxis.  Public transport is maybe a little easier once you know where you’re going especially if your ability to voice your destination in a taxi is not quite up to scratch yet. If these aren’t an option, you could bike! Simply download an App and you’re good…
09 Oct
If there is one country in the world that Western countries don’t know very much about, it just might be China. But after having lived there, people just seem to fall in love with the country, the culture, the language, and the people. It is truly a very exciting (yet, still challenging) place to live. It is important to note that living in China was quite a different experience 15-20 years ago, compared to how an international school teacher lives there now. The expat experience has vastly improved over the years. For example, now there are apps to help you talk Chinese to taxi drivers, back 10 years ago that just did not exist. On the news though, we are constantly hearing about the negative aspects of life living in a number of cities in China, namely the high levels of pollution and the negative effects it is having on people’s general health. Those negative things aside, there are still a bountiful number of positive aspects to living in China. Because of the fact there is a growing number of international schools in China, numerous prospective hires are considering a move there every year. So what are some of these…
07 Sep
  From ordering food to taking a taxi, you may find it hard to get around in China without speaking Mandarin, especially if you are not in a big city such as Beijing or Shanghai.  However, the language barrier shouldn't stop you from traveling to the Middle Kingdom. Here are some tips on how to make communciation in China easier.

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