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14 Jan
  Spring festival will shortly be upon us, and for those of you spending your first Chinese New Year here, expect fireworks….lots of fireworks. Roads will become quieter, shops opening hours will be getting shorter and the metro less congested, as the majority of the Shanghai workers migrate to their home towns for the holidays (across China an estimated 3.6 billion trips will be made). This makes travelling around China an almost unbearable task for teachers and other expats alike, so this time of year provides the perfect opportunity to leave the Mainland and explores the delights of South East Asia, which conveniently sit on China's doorstep. Should you want to stay in China, climbing these cool Chinese mountains or a short weekend trip to Hong Kong is recommended.
18 Dec
 Before we arrive to a new country like China, off on a new adventure, there are probably many places we want to explore. If you want to avoid the hassle of guide books, maps and dictionary, mobile apps are the best way to explore a city.
14 Oct
  It is the bane of the business traveler in an unfamiliar culture: making a comment or gesture that is meant to be friendly but instead offends or embarrasses the hosts. Happily, such cross-cultural faux pas are no longer deal killers. Globalization has narrowed the cultural divide, and these days the Chinese are experienced enough in dealing with foreigners to shrug off such indiscretions. Even stabbing chopsticks into a bowl of rice and leaving them there (an act of hostility among Chinese because it signifies death) would be laughed off (albeit nervously) by locals. What truly matters is a friendly attitude and a patient manner. Below is a list of 9 things to avoid.
30 Sep
  By now you’re probably well aware of the pending holiday. A glorious 7 day period free from obligation, alarm clocks and forced hangover management. In case you’re wondering just why this glorious opportunity has fallen into your lap, continue reading to learn more about this particular Golden Week.

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