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Chungdahm Learning opened for business in 1998, and its objective was to revolutionize the nation's ESL industry by combining the best programs, instructors, researchers, and staff. Over 10 years later, Chungdahm has become the ESL knowledge industry leader and has expanded globally. Today, there are over 60,000 students that trust Chungdahm to provide a unique program based in critical thinking and cognitive language development to help them realize their potential. If you want to teach with Chungdahm, you'd be joining over 1,300 other instructors and 390 corporate employees spread across 125 locations in Korea alone.

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Faculty Mission Statement

The mission of Chungdahm faculty is to guide and inspire students to learn and achieve their potential. By being constantly prepared and ready to teach students with compassion and integrity, each instructor contributes to reaching the goal of fulfilling students’ need for learning.


Teaching Philosophy Logo for Chungdahm

Chungdahm Learning's Teaching Philosophy

Chungdahm prides itself on maintaining a professional environment where instructors are respected as educators, not just employees. Instructors are also held to a very high standard when it comes to demonstrating respect for students and adhering to their roles as intellectual guides and life counselors.

Company CEO, Young Hwa Kim, coined the phrase, "passion for teaching, compassion for learners," based on his 20 years of ESL teaching experience. Passion for teaching, tempered with a genuine compassion toward students, is the defining premise of the Chungdahm teaching philosophy. Passion is what makes individuals devote themselves to their profession. It is this driving force that allows instructors to go above and beyond their job duties to truly motivate students. However, becoming an effective educator requires more than just passion.

It is also necessary to help students face the challenges of learning not just another language, but the nuances of a culture different from their own. Students need proper support, care, and inspiration from instructors to face these difficult challenges.

Students and Programs

Chungdahm requires all prospective students take its in-house developed ESL assessment to matriculate, and students must achieve minimum target scores to gain admission. This ensures that each student is placed into one of many various course levels that accurately match his or her English proficiency. Because students' linguistic and intellectual aptitude is high, we are able to challenge them in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, all through a critical-thinking-based curriculum.

The grade levels of Chungdahm students range from elementary through high school with the majority of students being from middle school. Students typically have lessons twice a week from one or two instructors throughout a course of study, which usually lasts from 1 to 8 academic terms. Each term is 3 months long.

If you're interested in joining Chungdahm Learning, read more and apply to the specific jobs that they currently have available. 

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