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Teach English in the most modern and metropolitan cities in China, while making a difference in the lives of adults who are working to reach their own career goals. Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime, and teach with Wall Street English!

As far as your professional development, Wall Street constantly improves their teaching methods and helps you expand your teaching skills in a creative way. An average number of each class covers 20-25 students. All students here come for the same goals so as it makes it to an ideal place to meet new people and practice the English language, providing them with a place to study and to participate in group activities. 

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If you're interested in working with Wall Street English, register through the Teaching Nomad website, and let your placement consultant know that you'd like to apply for Wall Street English positions. This way, you can easily find out which positions are available and in which cities.

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Wall Street English Teaching jobs in China available cities:

• Beijing • Guangzhou • Shanghai • Foshan • Tianjin • Qingdao • Nanjing • Suzhou • Wuxi • Hangzhou • Shenzhen 

Map of cities in China that Teaching Nomad has Wall Street English positions in


  • Wall Street English in Shanghai >

    About the city: The largest city by population in China, and largest city proper in the world. Considered to be the financial capital of China. A blend of east meets west.

    Climate: Classified as a humid subtropical climate, Shanghai enjoys all 4 seasons. While snowfall is uncommon, it does freeze on cold winter nights. Summers are often hot and humid and the occasional typhoon, freak downpour or thunderstorm are to be expected. Spring and fall are generally the 2 most pleasant seasons, although spring time can often present varying temperatures and weather patterns. Fall is often sunny and dry.

    Housing: This is very much dependent on how you choose/like to live as well as location. Roommates are easy to find and lots of housing options exist from 1 roommate to as many as 5. Cheap studios/apartments may go for 3,000 – 5,000. Nicer 1 bedrooms (or those with better locations) begin at around 5,500 a month. Generally, having at least 1 roommate will get you more bang for your buck.

    Food: Local Chinese food is extremely cheap and many tasty delights are available for under 10 yuan. Dining at local restaurants is likewise an affordable experience. Great meals can be had for 20-50 rmb and will leave you feeling stuffed and satisfied. Western food exists in spades here, but the prices of course, are higher. Craving a burger? Carl’s Jr. may set you back 60 rmb for a burger meal (still affordable). As you can imagine with a city the size of Shanghai, pricier options exist. It all depends on your budget and dining habits. Import stores are also available, lying in wait to devour your paycheck. But hey – sometimes we all need a little comfort from home. Local dishes to try: soup buns, pepper duck, braised eggplant.

    Transportation: Cruising around Shanghai is easy and affordable. Metro rides are usually between 3-4 yuan per ride (depends on how far you are travelling). Taxi rides begin at 14 rmb (during the day, 18 after hours). Mind you, should you live outside of the city center, the price will go up to travel to and fro (but you will also be saving elsewhere in food and rent).

  • Wall Street English in Qingdao >

    About the city: Qingdao is located on the south facing tip of the Shandong Peninsula. It is known for its Tsingtao Brewery and is one of the main ports for foreign trade. Qingdao is also very famous for its cultural heritage and picturesque scenery as there are numerous capes and coves along the coastline.

    Climate: Qingdao has an oceanic temperature with four distinct seasons. The air is very humid and rainfall is abundant, but all four seasonal changes are minor without it ever being unbearably cold or hot. The high seasons are from March till November. August is the best month for seaside walking.

    Housing: A 1 bedroom apartment in the city center is around 1900-2100. A 1 bedroom outside the center will run you around 900-1100. A 3 bedroom apartment in the city center will cost roughly cost you 4000+ and outside the city center, around 2000+.

    Food: Meals in inexpensive restaurants can be had for as little as 15rmb. In a mid-range restaurant, a three course meal for 2 can cost you up to 130rmb. Qingdao is known for its rich seafood. Try this: Stewed Salted Fish, Sea Cucumbers with minced meat and Braised Cuttlefish Eggs.

    Transportation: Local transportation fare is 1rmb for a 1 way ticket. Taxi fares start from 9rmb.

  • Wall Street English in Shenzhen >

    About the city: Located immediately north of Hong Kong, Shenzhen is a major city in southern China/the fourth largest urban area, following Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. It is one of the most livable cities in China and it was named as the third most beautiful city after Beijing and Hong Kong.

    Climate: Shenzhen has a humid subtropical climate. Winters are characterized as fairly dry with occasional frost. Spring begins relatively dry, but rainfalls start to drastically increase in April and last up till mid-October. Summers can be very humid and hot, typhoons may occasionally strike from the east during summer and early fall.

    Housing: A 1 bedroom apartment in the city center is around 3000-3800. A 1 bedroom outside the center will run you around 1600-2100. For 3 bedrooms in the city center, roughly costs 8000+ and outside the city center, around 5000+.

    Food: Meals in inexpensive restaurants can cost you up to 25rmb. In a mid-range restaurant, a three course meal for 2 can costs up to 180rmb.

    Transportation: Local transportation fare is 2 rmb for a 1 way ticket. Taxi fares start from 12rmb.

  • Wall Street English Requirements >

    Basic Qualifications 

      ✔ Native English speaker  
      ✔ A professional teaching license or a degree in education
      ✔ 2 years of teaching experience or less for certain locations  
      ✔ At least 24 years old

    Preferred Qualifications 

      ✔ Internationally recognized TEFL or TESOL certification  
      ✔ Experience traveling internationally and / or working abroad



  • Wall Street English Salary & Benefits >

    The Wall Street English compensation package you will be paid is well above the average in this industry and allows you to have an extremely comfortable lifestyle in China. Wall Street English (formally Wall Street Institute) teachers have a high disposable income with more than enough to really make the most of your time living and teaching English in China. Cost of living in China is still dramatically lower than in the West and the Wall Street English salary covers the cost of renting an apartment as well as day to day living expenses and plenty left over to enjoy a variety of delicious food at restaurants, shopping trips and taking trips to other areas of China.

    Compensation and Benefits*

      ✔Salary: 17,000RMB per month for Beijing
      ✔Salary: 16,000RMB per month for all other cities in China
      ✔Paid sick and vacation time, plus 11 Chinese national holidays
      ✔Health and dental insurance (Chinese based insurance company)
      ✔On-going training and professional development opportunities
      ✔Additional benefits will also be provided once we receive your application

    *Benefits subject to change

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