International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum

The International Baccalaureate Organization also known as (IB or IBO) is an educational organization that offers Primary – High School curriculum that challenges its student to think critically and develop skills for a worldly experience. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland IB is one of the world most highly regarding school curriculum.

The IB curriculum is exploding in popularity, as of 2016 there 103 accredited schools in China, 37 in UAE and over 4,000 worldwide. Teachers with International Baccalaureate experience and training can expect top tier pay from Teaching Nomad schools. Many international schools teach the entire IB Curriculum; from the Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP) & Diploma Program (DP) with annual vacancies for all subjects including Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Extended Essay and the typical subjects like Chemistry, Math, Geography and English.


Why is IB important?

In the fast-growing world of international education, highly developed and monitored programs like IB ensure that quality is not sacrificed overgrowth. The IBO has stringent requirements and schools looking for accreditation will take years to get approval.


What is the IB Curriculum? 

The program is split into 4 main categories:

PYP- Primary Year program: ages 3-12

During the Primary Years program, students will focus on language, arts, social studies, mathematics, science, technology, and physical education. Learning a second language is a requirement for this program.

MYP – Middle Year Primary: ages 11–16, typically grades 6-10 

On average, the MYP program takes 5 years to complete with some exceptions authorized by the IB. Subjects include humanities, science, language & literature, language acquisition, mathematics, arts design, physical and health education.

DP – Diploma Primary: ages 16-19

This program is a two-year educational curriculum that provides accepted qualifications for acceptance into colleges and universities globally. Many higher education establishments also recognize this program.

CP – Career program

The CP program is for students who specifically are to develop career-related skills and learning environment.


IB around the world

Here’s a list of some countries with IB schools teaching their program:
USA, Canada, UK, Argentina, Singapore, India, China, Ecuador, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong, Turkey, Indonesia, Poland, Switzerland, and counting.

With 2,010 of the total 5,586 programs globally, the US has the largest number of IB programs offered in both public and private schools. As of Feb. 1st 2016, there are 4,335 schools that offer the IB program.


Training to teach IB

There are multiple paths for obtaining proper IB Curriculum training. As a teacher looking to professional development or to get a foot in the door to a high paying IB school, you can attend weekend seminars authorized by the IB in various locations throughout the world. You can also register for online training, both through .

Many IB schools will offer training in the IB Curriculum, helping their staff grow through category 1, 2 & 3 trainings available for all IB subjects. If you’re considering a position at an IB school, be sure to ask if this PD is available.

As the IB curriculum proliferates around the world, those teachers with experience will always be in demand. Register with Teaching Nomad today to speak to a recruiter about how you can get your start!


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