Living in Taiwan the country the people and the culture

Living and Teaching in Taiwan 

Taiwan is a heavily populated island nation off the southeast coast of mainland China, and it has some of the best teaching opportunities in Asia. This is because of the low cost of living, the high paying job opportunities, and the high standard of living. Not only that, but Taiwan also has a landscape and natural wonders that can't be found anywhere else!

Teaching in Taiwan in a very rewarding career, and people that have done it usually emphasize the travel and adventure opportunities that they had while living and teaching in Taiwan. Native English speakers are flocking to Taiwan to teach English, and others are heading there to experience the culture and beauty of the country. The neighboring countries are also easy to get to, and Taiwan itself has everything from beaches, to mountains, to beautiful temples for you to explore! Taiwan has efficient and easy to use transportation systems that get you where you need to go in a comfortable and clean manner. It is also known for its night markets that supply a large variety of foods at a reasonable price.

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The Demand

Choosing to teach in Taiwan is a great way to get your foot in the door, and you will learn just as much from the students as they do from you. English schools are very common here, especially in the larger cities. Teaching in Taiwan also gives you the option to travel during your off time, which you will have plenty of! The demand for English teachers in Taiwan is high, and the cost of moving there to teach is do-able, especially in the long run! Many people that start off in completely different careers end up teaching abroad, and they never look back! Taiwan is a great place to start a life, but it also works perfectly for people that want to start teaching abroad and maybe go somewhere else after a few years.

The Culture

Whether or not you've ever taught in China before, you should know that teaching in Taiwan is going to be completely different! Although the countries may be geographically close, Taiwan has its own government, and it is distinctly different from China. Along with that, Taiwanese festivals and parades are not something that you want to miss. Luckily, teaching schedules typically allow for plenty of time off, and you can spend it celebrating with the locals! These events are rich in culture, and they're a spectacular thing to witness. Many of these festivals are related to religion, but some of them are just historical celebrations. Taiwan encourages religious freedom, and the religions found throughout the country are extremely diverse.

The Students

Taiwanese children are known for being well-behaved overall, but this is not to say that they won't have bad days. Parents in Taiwan tend to expect more out of their children regarding behavior; however, learning a new language is hard, and kids will be kids. Taiwan is also well known for having some of the friendliest people in the world, and kids tend to learn these traits from their parents and the people they spend time around. Both the parents and the students are very welcoming to foreigners - epecially foreign teachers. Parents really want their kids to learn English from a native speaker, so you will feel right at home if you decide to teach in Taiwan.



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