Get ready for an amazing experience while teaching abroad in Oman. 2,700 km of sandy beaches is just the beginning for this historic place in the Gulf. Teaching Nomad works with some of the top international schools in the capital of Muscat as well as other cities.

Oman is a very beautiful country, the great city of Muscat lies in the valley with the sea and mountains surrounding it. The city has a stunning setting, Oman as a coastal country has some of the region’s finest beaches. These beaches are neither spoilt nor polluted and their surrounding mountains are magnificent.

Teaching in Oman

Teaching jobs in Oman vary between International schools catering to completely international student base as well as local schools. Omani students are known to be good students, eager to learn.

English is taught as a second language beginning from the fourth grade in public schools throughout Oman and earlier in private schools. Therefore opportunites to teach Englis in Oman are quite prevelant. Older students in the country want to learn English to better understand diverse cultures, to travel abroad, to pursue higher education and secure their respective desired jobs. English is also used throughout the country’s service industry and it plays a major role in Oman’s national development and modernization.

Tourism in Oman

A wide range of echoing mountains and sand gives wanderlust travelers and tourist lots of room to explore. Stop by one of the bursting port cities, visit the sea turtle nesting site, or take time to visit the various pristine landscapes around you. The combination of rich Bedouin, natural beauty and the maritime tradition makes Oman an appealing and unique destination.

Some interesting Facts about Life in Oman

  • Oman was one of the richest countries in the world during biblical times. Its wealth came from trading incense, especially Frankincense.
  • Omani men are always found wearing the traditionally curved dagger which is known as Khanja.
  • During the 18th century, the Omani capital of Muscat became a wealthy crossroad of trade between India and East Africa and even gained political control of several East Africa territories, which includes the legendary island of Zanzibar.
  • Oman is also traditionally known for breeding Arab horses.

Common and native languages in Oman

Arabic in Oman is spoken in many dialects, thereby reflecting the country’s diversity. Specific groups are divided by mountain, while some are divided by the sea. Shehri and Mehri are two south Arabian languages, which are native to southern Oman. Both languages have their positions challenged by Arabic and among the Mahra people, 50% of the country’s population use their native tongue as their first language.

The miniature languages Luwati and Harsusi are as well native to Oman but they face the danger of extinction. Another language of Oman is Hobyot, this language was estimated to be spoken only by 100 people in the year 1998. It could have been extinct by now. There are also claims of the use of Swahili in Oman, this language was used up till the 20th century but it is no longer more than a second language spoken among a small group of people.

Health Care for teachers in Oman

If you’re considered about your health don’t worry. Oman has up to date public hospitals and top of the line private hospital, where many expats take advantage. You’ll have 24hour access to many local pharmacies and be able to take care of your health. All hospitals will have English speaking staff so don’t worry about the language preventing your well-being.


The official religion is Oman is Islam and it accounts for 86% of the entire population of the country. Majority of the Muslims are Ibadhi as well as a number of Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Their largest religious minority is Hindu and it accounts for just 13% of the entire population.

Cost of living in Oman

The overall cost of living in Oman is quite similar to that of most European countries that is if you choose to live like an average western expatriate. The lack of taxation generally has a major impact on the cost of certain items like cars. Accommodation can be expensive but your school will provide that for free along with a stipend to cover your utilities. Your main expenses will be food and travel which can vary substantially from person to person. If you prefer international foods and clothes, then you will have to pay more, otherwise you can always go for locally made wears and foods.

There are many international banks at which many accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Union Pay. Online banking systems including PayPal are great resources to help with you online banking and back home expenses.


Life in Oman will be different and an amazing adventure. If you’re looking for a complete culture shock and travel through one of the world’s oldest region. Teaching at an International school in Oman will allow you to travel and have a salary high enough to pay your student loans or increase your savings. Register today to speak with a placement consultant and be considering for one of these exciting roles. Teaching Nomad will work with you side by side making sure you are informed and well educated on the process. We take pride in making sure all our teachers are placed in the best schools and positions.

Teaching Nomad has many great teaching jobs in Muscat as well as other parts of Oman, click here to see all current teaching jobs in Oman.


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