10 Benefits of Learning a New Language

Sep 4, 2018

What are some of the advantages of learning a new language?

Globalization is an ever-growing trend in nearly every industry all over the world. This means that many businesses and organizations are operating on an international scale. Many countries have formed partnerships or trade agreements, and many goods and services are imported and exported every year (A.K.A. – teaching abroad).

Learning a new language is a huge benefit when you work with or communicate with people from other places. Taking this extra step will not only benefit you if you’re an avid traveler, but it will also give you an advantage if you’re interested in career prospects abroad!

You have heard all the reasons why some people choose not to learn a new language based on myths and misconceptions. The truth is, today, proficiency in other languages provides you the opportunity to engage with others in a meaningful way.

How can you keep your head above water?

Take your time, and learn at your own pace! Everyone learns in a different way, and there are a ton of great language learning apps/programs out there that let you go at your own pace.

Learning a new language isn’t always easy, but these apps will keep you on track and give you some structure. 

Here are our top ten benefits of learning a foreign language:

Graphic listing 10 benefits of learning a new language

Do I need to learn a new language to teach abroad?

Although learning a new language isn’t necessary to teach abroad, it does provide a lot of insight into the difficulties that your students may face in an ESL classroom. This will help you come up with simplified lesson plans and ideas that get the topic across in a more meaningful way.

Learning the native language of your students will also help you in the classroom. If there is a subject that needs more explanation, you could use the students’ native language to facilitate the understanding of the topic at hand.

If you’re interested in teaching your native language to students around the world, take the next step and see what opportunities are out there!

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