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Substitute teaching is a great way to make an impact in your community while gaining valuable teaching experience. You can maintain a flexible schedule, earn competitive wages, and potentially get your foot in the door at some of the top schools in your city!

Once you pass our screening process, you simply download the app to be notified of available assignments.


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  • Must be eligible to work in the U.S. already
  • Bachelor’s degree preferred but not always required
  • Substitute license for public school positions
  • No experience required for many positions


Substitutes generally are paid a daily or half-day rate. The amount varies greatly by city. Check out the city section below for more details. 


Long term cover can last up to one semester, while other assignments are only one day. We will work with you to identify the most suitable assignments.   

More information about the requirements to teach in the USA

  • Teachers must be eligible to work in the United States prior to applying; you will be a W-2 employee of Teaching Nomad 
  • A Bachelor’s degree is preferred but not always required, a teaching related degree is a plus 
  • For all public school districts, a state substitute teaching license is required; a teaching license is preferred but not required for charter schools or private/independent schools 
  • Training is provided for candidates without previous experience 
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Getting started

1. Register and set up your profile

2. Speak with a placement consultant and complete screening

3. Complete state and federal criminal background checks

4. Download the app and be notified of suitable openings

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Guest teaching at private or charter schools

A teaching license is not required to teach at private or charter schools in the U.S. but is required for public school districts. This allows teachers with experience but no license to start working quickly. Even without this requirement, charter schools often pay at a similar scale to public schools.

By working with Teaching Nomad you’ll get access to substitute roles within public school districts, charters, and private schools.

Benefits of substitute teaching

Guest teaching offers the flexibility that many people want and need. You can pick up one-time substitute gigs whenever you want, or you can find a school that needs a long-term sub and opt to work for them for a longer period of time!

Flexible schedule

Choosing to substitute teach allows you to get a sneak peek of what teaching full-time looks like at different types of schools. This is great if you’re considering becoming a full-time teacher, an education student, or a brand new teacher that hasn’t found the right full-time position yet.

Try out teaching

Helping your community is a great feeling, and it’s exactly what substitute teachers do every time they accept a job! Working with students and filling in for permanent teachers is a wonderful way to give back to your community—plus it’s a great way to make connections with the people around you.


Where in the U.S. can I teach?

Denver is Teaching Nomad’s first market for substitute teachers. The capital city of Denver is nestled up against the Rocky Mountains, offering world-class outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, and sightseeing. With 300 days of summer annually, there is always something to do in Colorado.

Guest teachers in Denver are well compensated at an average rate of $110-$190 per day.

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There’s never been a better time to live and work in the capital of Texas! Always ranked as one of the top 3 places to live in the U.S. Austin offers something for everyone.

Guest teachers in Austin are well compensated at an average rate of $110-$160 per day.

Already living in the Philadelphia area, or considering a move? Through the TN sub program you can start working almost immediately! 

Enjoy a flexible schedule, and competitive pay while gaining teaching experience and helping your community! Register with us today and start substitute teaching within a week!

Colorado Springs


How do I become a substitute teacher?
  1. Register here and complete your profile.
  2. Interview with a placement consultant.
  3. Our consultant will complete a reference check.
  4. Complete your criminal background check and employment agreement. All of this can be completed in a few days. Then you simply download our app and accept jobs offered to you!
Are there upfront costs?

We’ll pay upfront for the cost of your background check and deduct it from your first check so you can get started working right away! To qualify for jobs with local school districts, you’ll need a state issued substitute license which may require a fee paid to the state.

How much do substitute teachers make?

The average pay range is $110-$145 per day. The daily rate is determined by the school, so the amount you earn will depend on where you are working that day.

What is substitute teaching like?
Exciting, scary, challenging, and rewarding! Sometimes all at once. Subs fulfill many different types of assignments including classroom assistant, para-educator, lead teacher, and more! Each type of cover will be different. At Teaching Nomad we aim to connect you with positions that best suit your experience and qualifications.
Is substitute teaching challenging?

It can be! The most challenging part is typically just starting a role at a new school and getting to know the students and other teachers. Usually, once you’ve been doing this for a while, you’ll have repeat assignments at the same campuses or even the same classroom.

Can subbing help me land a full-time teaching job?

Absolutely! Subbing is a great way to gain experience while completing teaching licensure and training. The schools you’ll be working at are always on the lookout for great talent, and having a relationship with them already can get your foot in the door.

Why should I join TN’s substitute teacher pool instead of applying to schools directly?

By joining our pool, you’ll have access to jobs at 40+ campuses throughout the city. You’ll be paid faster than you would by the school, and the rate you earn is exactly the same!

Can I sub at different schools?
Yes! By signing on as a sub through Teaching Nomad, you will be available to our entire network of schools making it easier to fill your schedule!
What qualifications do I need to sub?

Just about anyone can become a sub, though it does depend on the school and the position. At Teaching Nomad, we require that candidates have a degree and prefer to see at least some experience working with school aged children (camp counselor, daycare center experience, teaching assistant experience, etc).

Some roles will require subject specific experience or related degrees but for generalist and/or teaching assisting, no experience or education degrees are needed.

How do I get paid as a TN sub? Am I a contractor or employee?

All TN subs are W-2 employees. This increases your take-home pay since we cover the payroll taxes and worker compensation insurance. You will be paid by Teaching Nomad every two weeks via direct deposit or physical checks. Your work hours must be submitted each week via the mobile or web application.

How do I accept available assignments?

Through our mobile application, you’ll receive instant notifications of available assignments. You can also choose to receive texts and emails. Once you see a position you like, simply click accept!

Is there a minimum of required hours?
Work as much or as little as you’d like! We do not require a minimum number of work hours.

Earn your U.S. teaching qualification

Considering obtaining a full teaching credential? Earn your U.S. state teaching license and/or your M. Ed. in 9-12 months! The program can be completed from anywhere in the world (remote), and afterward, you’ll qualify for permanent teaching positions at public, charter, and private schools.

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What our teachers are saying

This review is based on my experience working with Marissa. She is absolutely fantastic! Lets get into some particulars: Response time-Marissa emailed me weekly with updates. Everything from new job postings, before and after my interview, updates on the application review process and sometimes just checking to see how I was doing personally. Expertise- There was not a question I asked that she didn’t have the answer to or wasn’t willing to go find the answer to.


I was paired with Lauren Klein about 2 months ago and since then my experience finding a job has been awesome! She made sure she supported me as best she could every step of the way! Any questions I had she answered them and she always was working to get my application out there to jobs! I would work with Teaching Nomad and Lauren again and again if I could!


After researching TN, I reached out to see what opportunities would suit my family and me. Fortunately, I was put into contact with Ty, my placement consultant. Ty was very open to answering my questions and help guide me through questions, concerns, and job offers. From the time that I was first contacted to even after i accepted a job offer, Ty was there to offer support every step of the way.


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