Earn your TEFL certificate in Bali, Indonesia!

About the classroom TEFL course in Bali, Indonesia:


Bali is a very popular tourist destination due to its natural beauty, but teachers also flock here to take TEFL courses and find great ESL jobs!

Program length
Job assistance
4 weeks
$350 - $600


About the location

Canggu, Bali Indonesia

  • The course takes place in Canggu on the beautiful island of Bali. It’s a 5 minute walk to the beach and surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants.
  • Bali is world-famous for its awesome surf scene of spiritual yoga.

  • Bali is a foreign teacher’s dream – it’s full of young dynamic expats, so you’re sure to find good friends to explore the area with.

  • Earning your TEFL certificate in Bali will allow you to easily work around South East Asia changing the lives of the students you encounter.

architecture in bali
class outside in bali

About the program

  • It’s a 4 week-long, 140-hour TEFL course.
  • This course is run by the highest-rated TEFL provider in South East Asia (GoAbroad).

  • Expect to be in class the majority of the day during the week (Monday-Friday).

  • Classes will be run with local students to ensure that you get the hang of teaching English to non-native speakers.

  • You’ll learn from excellent TEFL trainers who are ready to help you reach your full potential in the classroom.

Finding a TEFL job

  • You’ll receive lifetime job support.
  • Job placement is guaranteed for teachers that meet Indonesia’s work visa qualifications.
  • You’ll be able to speak with TEFL coordinators to figure out job details.
  • You will have free time on the weekends while taking the TEFL course, so you can get an idea of the area that you’d like to teach in after you complete the course.
  • The demand for English teachers in Indonesia is high, so it is easy to find a teaching job in virtually any city that you’re interested in.

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If you’re unsure about which date to choose, speak with a course advisor to learn more about the program and figure out when the best time to enroll is.

Bali TEFL course dates

Decemeber 2020

Nov. 28th - Dec. 23rd

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February 2021

Jan. 30th - Feb. 24th

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March 2021

Feb. 27th - Mar. 24th

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April 2021

Apr. 3rd - Apr. 28th

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May 2021

May 1st - May 26th

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June 2021

May 29th - June 23rd

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July 2021

July 3rd - July 28th

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$350 – $600 – Depends on location and type of housing

All of the housing options are near the training center in Canggu. Each option includes your own bathroom, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a refrigerator. The average housing cost is between $350 – $600

These rates apply if you’re staying alone or with a friend. That being said, if you bring a friend, you can split the cost between the two of you! Some accommodation options also come with a cleaning service and weekly linen changes.

Guaranteed job placement in Bali

*B.A. is not required for job placement support*

Guaranteed job


There’s no doubt about it, teaching English in Bali, Indonesia is a great career move. The demand for dynamic, qualified English language teachers is extremely high. So high, that there is guaranteed employment to graduates of this TESOL/TEFL course.

All of our staff have been exactly where you are so we know exactly how you’re feeling and how important a job offer is to you upon completion of this course. That’s why we make it our priority to find you the best possible role for you. Over the past 10 years, there has been great success placing graduates of the TESOL/TEFL course in paid employment, mostly within 14 days of completing the study program.

kids painting in bali

About Bali – things to do and see

Bali is a world-famous island in the Indonesian archipelago. The island is known for its immense surf scene, gorgeous rice paddies and its yoga culture. Local hospitality and culture makes a warm and comforting experience whilst feeling relaxed and safe.

The varied landscape of hills and mountains, rough and rugged coastlines, lush sandy beaches, gorgeous rice terraces and barren volcanic hillsides all provide the perfect photo backdrop to the deep and cultured soul of the island.

Bali is paradise on earth.

Taking your TEFL in Bali gives you the best possible chance of getting your dream job on this beautiful island.

Indonesian decorations
map of indonesia

More information about the TEFL course

  1. Every application for the TESOL/TEFL program is thoroughly vetted.
  2.  The TEFL course is accredited by the Asian College of Teachers, TESOL Canada, and Teacher qualifications UK
  3. The TEFL/TESOL trainers are highly skilled tutors with years of teaching experience in a range of fields. Highly trained to lead you on your journey teaching English as a Foreign Language.
  4. There is a very wide network of partner schools and language schools all around Asia, should you want to work somewhere else come the end of the course.
  5. Trainees are embraced from the moment they join the course. Help with visa requirements and information about Bali is provided the moment you sign up for the course.

Earning potential in Bali, Indonesia

In Indonesia, teachers with a TEFL/TESOL certificate can earn somewhere between $900 and $1600 per month. Those with a bachelor’s degree in any subject can expect to earn more. With the cost of living being so low in Indonesia, you can expect to spend a fraction of this amount on living costs. The rest you can enjoy spending on whatever you like, and you won’t have to worry about money.

Teaching English as a foreign language is a very viable and sustainable way to enjoy living abroad allowing for that perfect work-life balance that you’ve been dreaming of.

With the cost of living in Vietnam being a fraction of what it is in most developed countries, English language teachers in this part of the world can realistically expect to save at least half of their income without cutting corners. Teaching English as a second language in Bali certainly provides stable, ongoing employment that pays a decent income and allows for an excellent lifestyle.

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    What course alumni have to say

    Thank you for your wonderful guidelines on how to teach children English. I learned a great deal about all of the important fundamentals. I feel very prepared to teach English to a variety of types of learners. I feel confident in being able to help others to progress in learning English as I have progressed in learning to teach English. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in being a good TEFL teacher in another country or in your own respective country for that matter. Thank you!


    The experience was unique because it was something I’d never done before and I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into! Therefore this was a good opportunity to learn something new and see if it was for me. 


    The course was very informative, inspiring and insightful. It stimulated my intellect and shaped my role as an educator. I now have knowledge about classroom management. I gained vast knowledge about learning theories and how to incorporate the elements from different theories into my lesson plan.


    Teacher certification blogs

    7 Benefits of Earning a TEFL Certificate

    7 Benefits of Earning a TEFL Certificate

    There are many obvious as well as not-so-obvious benefits of earning a TEFL certificate before moving abroad to teach. On the fence about starting a TEFL course? Check out some of the most important benefits that a TEFL certificate will give you!

    5 Great Benefits of Taking an In-Class TEFL Course

    5 Great Benefits of Taking an In-Class TEFL Course

    Teaching abroad brings a mix of emotions for teachers starting their new adventure. The initial excitement of preparing for your upcoming life abroad is often immediately followed by worry about what it is going to be like in the classroom. Will my students understand me? Will they be engaged in my lessons? These questions are common, natural reactions that all teachers face when preparing for their teach abroad experience.  

    Luckily, an in-class TEFL course is a great way to ease your way into not only teaching but your new country and culture as well.  

    Here are 5 great benefits of taking an in-class TEFL course: 

    1. Networking with schools and teachers

    Applying to schools from your home country can be intimidating. You may hear horror stories of instructors who signed a contract only to find out that their school, housing, or teaching arrangements were not exactly what they expected.   

    Taking an in-class TEFL course will allow you to meet former TEFL graduates and learn about what the best teaching positions and schools are in certain locations. In many classes, new TEFL candidates will have the chance to observe former graduates and experienced teachers in their own classrooms.  

    Being able to visit the school and meet your future co-workers will put your mind at ease about where you choose to sign a contract.

    2. Learn how to handle English language learners in the country you will teach in 

    All TEFL courses will give you a general sense of what it is like to teach English as a Second Language. No matter where you take your course, these skills can be applied to English language learners around the world. However, being in-country for a TEFL course will expose you to language difficulties specific to learners of the country that you are going to teach in.

    If you take a TEFL course in Shanghai, for example, you will be able to understand common mistakes that native Chinese speakers face when speaking and writing English. Once you can identify these issues, you will be able to anticipate and effectively address these mistakes.  

    In-class TEFL participants will also be able to get hands-on experience while completing their teaching practice. Teachers will be able to see and hear these mistakes made by students and have the opportunity to address and correct using techniques learned in the TEFL course.  

    Having both the knowledge and experience dealing with language learners from the country where you are going to teach will make you a more effective teacher. 

    3. Build References

    In-class TEFL courses usually range from 3-4 weeks and include fullday classes and teaching practice. This is a great opportunity to show that you are quick learner and able to accept feedback and improve your teaching. Even if you have never taught before and are shaking before your first lesson, that’s OK!  You will get the help you need and will be able to show improvement in each one of your lessons.   

    Being able to put yourself in an uncomfortable position, accept feedback from your instructors, and adjust your lesson plans to improve your classes are exactly the skills that schools are looking for in their instructors.  

    A reference who can speak to your abilities in the classroom goes incredibly far in the world of English as a Second Language teaching. Schools will be much more eager to hire teachers who they know are friendly in the classroom and who work well with other teachers. While you may not have the experience yet, showing schools that you are dedicated to improving and becoming the best teacher you can be is extremely valuable.  

    Not only will you be able to get references from your TEFL instructors, but your fellow classmates will also be great resources to validate your teaching abilities. Your classmates will have the opportunity to watch you build confidence in the classroom and see you improve throughout your lessons as you complete your teaching practice.

    4. Familiarize yourself with the city

    A great advantage of taking an in-class TEFL course is the ability to get to know the city and country you plan on teaching in before you take a position. TEFL courses run on a Monday – Friday schedule so you will get plenty of time to take weekend excursions through the city.  Exploring a new city for a month will give you enough time to learn how to take public transportation, set up a bank account, memorize some helpful survival phrases, and most importantly, learn which areas of the city you would like to live in.  

    Exploring neighborhoods, seeing what restaurants and shops are available as well as meeting people who live in various parts of the city will help you to make an informed decision on which area of the city is the best for you to live in. As you visit schools and apply to jobs, you can map out the distance and time it will take to get there.  

    Having an entire month to explore the city will make starting your new position much less stressful. You can focus on your lesson plans and arranging your classroom instead of how and where to find the supermarket, bank, or department store.

    5. Make lifelong friends

    The classmates in your TEFL course will be in the same position as yourself. They have spent months getting ready for the transition to a new country and you will go through all elements of culture shock together. You may have some classmates who have never taught a class in their lives, while others may be experienced teachers. Together you will study for exams, stay up late to perfect your lesson plans, and deliver them in front of each other.  

    Navigating culture shock and the demands of the TEFL course together will lead to a close bond with your classmates. Your classmates are also likely looking for a teaching position in the same city as yourself so there will be opportunities to share an apartment or find a teaching position at the same school.   

    Living and working in a foreign country is an experience that only a few people get the opportunity to have. You will end up making friends from all over the world that have shared this unique adventure with you. 

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