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Teaching Nomad has been in the business of connecting passionate teachers with great, reputable schools since 2011. Since then, we have built a reputation of professionalism and reliability with our candidates as well as many of the most respected schools.

International teacher recruitment was our main focus for a long period of time, but we’re thrilled to now also work with U.S. schools that are in need of fantastic local, U.S. teachers! We currently work with a variety of private, independent, and charter schools throughout specific U.S. markets, and we plan to continue branching out to more regions and states.

 We’re here to provide you with personalized and professional service. This begins with a dedicated account manager who is your sole point of contact, a customized hiring solution to meet your school’s needs, and utilization of the latest technology that simplifies the sourcing process and allows us to react quickly to your needs.

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Guest/Substitute teachers are currently available in:

Greater Denver, Austin, and Philadelphia

Thousands of teachers placed since 2011

Teachers available for all subjects/grade levels

Substitute teacher recruitment and management

How it works:

Contact us and provide the details for your hiring needs.

We will schedule a call to explain our process and fully understand your needs.

We will make your job orders available to our substitute pool and confirm when position is filled.

We can provide candidates in advance if you wish to pre-screen them for longer assignments.

Teaching Nomad employs the teachers and handles all payroll, taxes, and insurance.

Teaching Nomad will provide a versatile service to suit your needs. We ensure that each teacher is excited about teaching and that they’re ready to give their best at your school.

Longterm substitute/guest teachers 

Teaching Nomad has a growing pool of experienced and qualified candidates available for long-term substitute positions. These assignments could be anywhere from a week to a few months. A discount is provided if you decide to hire them as part of your permanent team. 

Daily substitute/guest teachers 

We maintain a pool of great substitutes for your daily and short term cover needs. All candidates have criminal record checks completed and can be available with very short notice! Simply submit your request through the form and the job will go out to all a suitable subs in our pool. 


We match the daily rate you pay your subs with a reasonable markup on that amount. Our markup covers payroll, taxes, insurance, criminal background screening, reference screening, and ongoing professional development. 

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position fill rate

30 min.

average fill time



Benefits of outsourcing guest teacher recruitment

  • It’s like having a whole team of recruiters without having to pay salaries.
  • No HR or payroll to worry about.
  • Assurance that your teachers have no criminal record.
  • Identify talent for future permanent positions.
  • Only pay for days worked.

Higher fill rate

Our unique candidate pool will help you fill more vacancies.

No HR headaches 

Let us handle the HR so you can focus on everything else.

Save time and money

Our fees are very competitive, and you only pay for days worked.

Contact us to learn more about our services and pricing!

Basic requirements for our partner schools

  • Offer competitive daily wages
  • Provide clear and regular communication regarding assigned guest teachers


How long does it take to fill a request?
Most requests are filled within 30 minutes. Very specific vacancies may require more advance notice. 
How does the TN process work?

Place orders for coverage through the sub managment platform and Teaching Nomad takes care of the rest! Receive an automated email when your request is filled, including the contact information of the teacher.

What other schools and districts work with TN?

Teaching Nomad currently works with 100+ public and private school campuses throughout the metro areas of Denver, Austin, and Philadelphia.

How much does this service cost?
There are ZERO up-front or recurring fees! You only pay for days worked at your school. The fee includes your regular daily pay rate, plus our fee which covers sourcing, background checks, scheduling, as well as payroll taxes, and insurance. 
Who employs the substitutes, and how do they get paid?

Our teachers are W-2 employees of Teaching Nomad. We handle all aspects of payroll for our teachers, including taxes, insurance, and fees. They are paid bi-weekly by direct deposit.

What if we already have our own internal guest teacher pool?

We offer two options for substitute sourcing: 

  1. Teaching Nomad supplements your existing pool with our teachers;
  2. Teaching Nomad can hire your existing pool, combine them with our pool and handle all scheduling, payroll, and professional development.
We already use an absence management system, how is this better?

First of all, we provide teachers, and include the software for free. Our mobile first solution and active teacher pool averages over a 90% fill rate. Additionally, we eliminate all the headaches related to payroll, background checks, and scheduling! You can use us along side your existing pool/software or we can hire your existing pool allowing you to access them through our platform.

Can you help us with other staffing needs?

Yes! Teaching Nomad also offers teacher recruitment for permanent positions within your school. You can find more information here.

What information do we receive about the guest teachers TN provides?
When a teacher accepts an assignment at your school, you will receive an automated email which includes the teacher’s name, phone number, and email address. For long term coverage, we can often arrange for you to pre-screen candidates if you’d like.  
What qualifications do TN’s substitute teachers hold?
Our teachers are guaranteed to meet the state requirements for substitute teachers. If a specific license or subject knowledge is required, you can specify that as well! 
How do I get started using this service?
Simply contact Teaching Nomad to get started! We will complete a contract and can have teachers at your school tomorrow!

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Other ways we can help you

Working with our partner, Moreland University we can advise your teachers on their options for gaining licensure, and M.Ed programs that can be completed remotely during their employment. 

Ongoing professional development is critical to the success of your school. These programs are flexible, affordable, and deliver real results to educators. 

Learn more

Our affordable TEFL courses can help your teachers develop the skills they need to connect with ESL learners effectively. Our self-paced & instructor-led courses can have a huge impact in just a few weeks! 

Learn more

Teaching Nomad has a huge pool of licensed/credentialed educators looking for permanent placements. Many of our candidates are returning from overseas teaching contracts and bring that amazing experience with them.

Learn more

A few of the schools we work with

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What our clients are saying

Amanda was amazing and very responsive to my requests! I was able to get my documents authenticated immediately despite the delays due to the pandemic. She also communicated each step of the process and gave me updates when I requested them. I appreciate all of her help and was able to stay positive because of her support.

Ilaise Levrets

I would definitely use Teaching Nomad again in the future for my document authentications. They were so nice and helpful throughout the process and I didn’t even have to worry about how my documents were going. They notified me and updated information for each step that was taken and I felt so trusted. I was ordering my authentications from overseas and it was as easy as pie! Overall the process was so smooth and of course, my documents safely arrived on time. Thank you for the huge help. Appreciate it.

Gloria Choi

I would recommend Teaching Nomad for all document authentications. The customer service is incredible and they work very quickly to get you exactly what you need! Amanda is a great asset to the Teaching Nomad team and a pleasure to work with!

Elia Tanzer

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