Teaching Experiences: Jolie Augustine

Substitute teaching is often more than just a job. For many, it becomes a rewarding career change. Retirees can discover a second life in substitute teaching while others use it as a flexible way to make money while they finish up school or pursue other goals. Its many benefits make it easy to understand why — so much so that it often launches lifelong careers in education and allows teachers to pivot when they crave a new adventure. 

This was the case for Jolie Augustine. “I’ve been a public school teacher for 25 years and found it challenging to keep the passion with so many changes in the educational world and lack of support,” said Jolie. “I wanted to bring my love for travel and teaching together.” 

She needed to make a change. That’s when she discovered Teaching Nomad, a teacher placement company headquartered in Shanghai, China, and Denver, Colorado. Jolie liked that they had an office local to where she lived in the U.S. and would help her secure a temporary substitute teaching job while she figured out how to teach abroad. 

This is why the role is so advantageous for many teachers. Subs have extremely flexible schedules, which allows them to choose when they want to work and for how long. They are also able to try out different schools and teach for a variety of age groups, subjects, and curriculum types. This can help you figure out the exact kind of position you really want and even be an avenue to finding a full-time job. 

Using Teaching Nomad’s online job board and app, Jolie was able to quickly find a substitute teaching job at a charter school in Denver. Teaching Nomad’s placement professionals then assisted her with filling out the application with no out-of-pocket startup expenses required (including the background check!). Their team took all the guesswork out of the process and helped Jolie start her new job as quickly as possible. 

“I subbed for four days … [and then found out] they were looking for a permanent teacher,” said Jolie. “I appreciated how the app kept me updated on jobs.” 

Even though Jolie is still exploring the idea of teaching abroad, she says she loves Denver’s live music, biking, mountain drives, and great restaurants. She is now able to save up more money for going abroad and greatly enjoys her full-time teaching job at the charter school — a role she never would have discovered if she had not tried substitute teaching. She says she’s excited about what’s next!

Are you looking to start substitute teaching? Teaching Nomad can connect you to the best available substitute teaching jobs in the U.S. and overseas. Plus, its team of experienced teachers and placement consultants can assist you with every step of the process. 

Check out our available substitute teaching positions, and register with us to get started today!


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