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Qualify for high-paying jobs at home or abroad 

The AOQTS program is perfect for international teachers looking to improve their effectiveness as a teacherearn the qualification needed for high paying international schools, and qualify to teach in United Kingdom. 

This program is completed remotely, without any required travel, you simply need to be employed at a school that uses a mixture of the English National Curriculum or IB program, which may be adjusted to meet local requirements. Working one-on-one with your supervisor, you will complete the program over the course of one school year and because it is assessment only, there are no examinations or coursework deadlines. 

$7,500 USD
Approx. 9-months



Benefits of the program

With other programs, teachers are often required to return to the U.K., complete a PGCE as well as a teaching practicum in order to earn QTS. The AOQTS program allows you demonstrate that you already have the knowledge and skills equivalent to a QTS certified teacher without having to complete a PGCE or return to the U.K. 

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  • Achieved GCSE (or equivalent) Grade C (new 4) or better in core subjects of English, Math and, for Primary applicants, a Science subject. 
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher  (degrees earned outside of the UK must be submitted to NARIC for equivalency).
  • Previous teaching experience in at least 2 schools 
  • Mastery of the subject to be taught

Program assessment criteria

  • Demonstrated meeting all QTS teachers’ standards 
  • Demonstrated meeting QTS teachers’ standards across two or more consecutive age groups 
  • Positive assessment of practical teaching evaluations 
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AOQTS focus

  • Set high expectations which inspire, motivate, and challenge pupils 
  • Promote good progress and outcomes by pupils 
  • Demonstrate good subject and curriculum knowledge 
  • Plan and teach well-structured lessons 
  • Adapt teaching to respond to the strengths and needs of all pupils 
  • Make accurate and productive use of assessment 
  • Manage behavior effectively to ensure a good and safe learning environment 
  • Fulfill wider professional responsibilities 

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$7,500 USD – total cost (payable in USD or GBP)

The total cost of the AOQTS program is $7,500 USD. This can be paid upfront in full, or across three installments of $2,500 USD. Installment schedule: 

1. Upon approval/entry to the program 

2. Mid-way through portfolio completion (usually after one term/semester) 

3. When the portfolio is ready for assessment by the University partner 

The application process

1. Complete the online application form which will be reviewed by admissions team.

2. If eligible for the program, admission staff will conduct an online or onsite interview, assure pre-requisite requirements are/will be met, determine the potential for successful completion.

3. Application will be approved, declined, or further evaluation may be required.

4. Upon acceptance, the first installment of tuition is due.

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Program completion process

1. Working together with your supervisor, you will complete a portfolio providing evidence of your understanding, abilities, and performance in line with QTS standards.

2. A colleague from our partner university or other accreditation organization, will engage in a professional discussion with you, complete the final assessment of your skills and readiness for being recommended for QTS.

4. If successful, you will receive a formal letter from the teaching regulation authority awarding your QTS status. If not successful, you’ll have 12-16 weeks to resolve any issues and earn your QTS recommendation.

Note:  No assurance is offered, and no presumption should be made, that a candidate who has been admitted to this AOQTS program will satisfy requirements and be granted a QTS qualification. Completion of the program is based on your performance. 

Clinical practice requirements

In most cases, your University assessor will travel to your location to observe you in the classroom. During the COVID-19 pandemic and other unexpected circumstances, the observations may be done virtually. 

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Learn more about the program

Find out more about the QTS program, or get started on your application today and earn Qualified Teacher Status within about 9 months!


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