5 Everyday Things we Owe China

Jun 16, 2017

Because of counterfeiting, people might wondered what China has created. But there is more « made in China » than you think there is, even in your everyday life!

You may think paper was invented by Egyptians and their papyrus, but the Chinese were the first to use a support to convey messages, using fibers such as hemp.

Even though soccer as we know it comes from England, the Chinese invented the basics of it when they created the « Cuju » (“kick ball”). The goal was to kick a ball through an opening, using hands being prohibited. It was not a sport so to speak but a military exercise to remain in good shape.

Photo source : Theepochetimes.com

If Italy is the country of pasta, the Chinese have known how to make them for about 4000 years. They only became so popular when Marco Polo brought back pasta to Venice from his trip in Asia.

Not only did the Chinese invent paper, they also invented printing. China thus had a considerable predisposition to use for paper money. The Chinese started using bills back in the VIIth century, way before Europe thought about the importance of paper money.

Over 3500 years ago, the umbrella appeared in China. In Ancient China, the umbrella was not just a daily accessory but had a meaning behind it. It was used in official ceremonies and rites, and became a symbol of one’s social status.

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