About the National Holiday

Sep 30, 2014

By now you’re probably well aware of the pending holiday. A glorious 7 day period free from obligation, alarm clocks and forced hangover management. In case you’re wondering just why this glorious opportunity has fallen into your lap, continue reading to learn more about this particular Golden Week.

This year’s National Day (国庆节 – Guóqìng jié) falls on Wednesday October 1 – Tuesday October 7. The National Day of the People’s Republic of China takes place yearly on October 1 to celebrate the founding of the PRC in 1949. It’s worth mentioning that the PRC was not actually founded on October 1, but rather on September 21 with the grand ceremony being held October 1 at Tianamen Square. This holiday is celebrated by the PRC as well as Macau and Hong Kong. Public spaces throughout the nation are decorated with festive themes, concerts are held and fireworks are seen and heard.


For our fashion forward friends or those who simply love a good bargain, many stores often offer up sizeable discounts during the holiday.


Looking to travel during this time? Proceed with caution! Many Chinese likewise travel during this week causing demand to exceed supply, so plan accordingly. Prices will be up for things such as flights, train tickets will be harder to come by and you very well may find yourself sleeping on a park bench. If you truly must travel, it would be best to avoid the beginning (when everyone else wants to head out) and the end (when everyone must return).


So there you have it, Nomads. Go forth and conquer.

By Ana, resident princess at Teaching Nomad

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