Chinese Drinking Game Tutorial

Jun 22, 2017

Every culture has its own set of drinking games, so whether you’re playing flip cup in the States or ring of fire in England, you will always have the opportunity to get completely destroyed anywhere in the world. Now, if you were ever wondering what types of drinking games they play in China, look no further. Today you will learn 3 common Chinese drinking games that will effectively provide just the right amount of inebriation and fun to keep the party going. 

These games have been organized for your convenience to be played in succession. Why? Because they get simpler as you go and if there is one thing that ruins a good drinking game it’s not being able to make sentences when it’s your turn to count to 3.

1) 吹牛 Chuīniú

Starting with the most complicated of the three, Chuīniú. This lovely game is very effective at making sure you and everyone around you drinks a lot. Conveniently, many Chinse bars in China will supply all the tools necessary to play this game till your heart’s content. Supplies for this game include: a cup for each player and 5 6-sided dice per cup.

The premise of the game is to shake your dice, secretly look at them and when it’s your turn, say how many of one number of dice are under yours and everyone else’s cup. You go around the table saying quantities that must be larger than the last:

The round ends when someone says Bu Xing (not ok) after a number is called. Everyone counts up the dice, if the person who called the number guessed too high, they must drink if they guess correctly (number of X die or less), everyone else drinks.

This game, if played correctly, will get everyone at the table incredibly drunk, trust me. One, variation includes putting a “pot” in the middle for the unlucky person who get called out and is wrong. This pot can be any amount of beer/liquor from a small glass to three 500ml Qingdao’s. The pot is always replenished by the vengeful sap who drank from it last.

Number of players: 2- ∞

Once you have refilled you drinks let’s move on to the next game…

2) 两只蜜蜂呀飞到花丛中呀飞呀 Liǎng zhī mìfēng ya fēi dào huācóng zhōng ya fēi ya

This absurdly named drinking game translates to “2 bees fly down to a flower and fly.”
Much more straight forward. One person says the phrase above, then they play Rock, Paper, Scissors at the end of the phrase. If you win, you pretend to slap your partner 3 times, if you lose you pretend to be slapped three time, if you both guessed the same gesture, pretend to kiss each other. Repeat switching roles until someone messes up. The incompetent one drinks and you start over.

Number of players: 2
Once sentences are no longer able to be uttered, you can move to our final Chinese drinking game.

3) 0, 5, 10, 15, 20 零,五,十,十五,二十

This drinking game is by far the simplest of the three. Brain function is minimal for this game and can be played with minimal speaking. To play all you will need are hands.
One person starts by waving his hands forward and saying 0, 5, 10, 15 or 20. The numbers refers to the number of fingers present in the middle because when the hands are thrown player 2 follows suit. You are allowed to arrange your hands in a few different ways. A closed fist is considered 0 and an open hand is considered 5 (5 fingers) you can arrange each hand how you like. The combination of all 4 hands can be one of the 5 numbers to pick from. If player one is correct they place again. If you get 2 in a row, you win and the opponent has to drink. If you are incorrect, you change roles and the other player says the number.


That’s it! By this time, you should be sufficiently ready to tackle some of the more common Chinese drinking games. So, crack a beer, head over to China and test your skills with the locals. Hope you remember anything tomorrow and JIAYOU!!!

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