Coronavirus Statement

Read our statement about Covid-19 and learn about teaching online if you’re waiting to travel to China.

Covid-19 Update

The recent outbreak of Covid-19 in China is causing a lot of concern, and the unknowns leave a lot of questions to be answered. We want to provide you with an update from Teaching Nomad to help you stay safe and plan ahead. First and foremost, the safety of our teachers, their students, and our own staff in China is our top concern. Our response to the virus follows that of the relevant governing authorities such as the Chinese Ministry of Education and the U.S. Department of State.

If you’re employed by a school in China, you can expect that they will also be following the policies required by the local education authorities. These authorities are taking the virus very seriously and are making every effort possible to limit the effects.

Please also understand that the situation is evolving quickly and nearly all schools in China have been closed through February 3rd. If you’re not getting fast replies, it may be because your employer is not in the office or is still deciding what to do.


We’d like to address three types of teachers that are either in or planning to be in China soon:

1. Your contract has already begun and you’re already in China:

First and foremost, stay safe and follow these suggestions from the World Health Organization to avoid catching the virus. Stay in touch with your employer to see what their plan is for returning to work, and if you’re unhappy with their plan, get in touch with us.


2. You’ve signed a contract but you’re not in China yet:

As of now, the majority of M-F schools will reopen on February 17th, but some others, especially training school will have delayed start dates. Stay in touch with your school and employer to plan ahead.


3. You’re applying for urgent or fall 2020 start dates:

The demand for teachers hasn’t changed and may actually increase. Fall 2020 hiring is still in full swing with every expectation that the virus will be contained by then. Schools are also still hiring for earlier start dates but be patient as those dates will likely be delayed. If you’d like to keep on top of the virus developments, we suggest visiting Shanghai Daily as a genuine source for up-to-date news coming directly from China.


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