Teaching Nomad and the 100.000 Strong Foundation

Jun 27, 2014


Many American (and other Western) nationals today are apprehensive about China’s recent economic rise, and view China as an enemy rather than as a strategic partner. As part as the Obama administration’s ongoing commitment to the U.S.-China relationship, the state department launched 100,000 Strong Foundation last year to enhance and expand opportunities for U.S. students to learn Mandarin and study in China. Like the 100,000 Strong Foundation, we at Teaching Nomad believe that raising cross cultural awareness and understanding will foster the conditions necessary for stability and progress for people everywhere in the world and allows us to confront and meet our shared challenges.

According to a recent PEW poll, only 20% of Americans view China as an ally, and many others in Western countries view China as competition rather than as a partner. Yet people who’ve been exposed to China and its rich, ancient culture, view the country in a much popular light. This explains why expatriates recently voted China as the number one country to live in. We believe the fear of China simply stems from an unfamiliarity with the country and its people. A fear that is often fueled by media outlets that don’t quite understand China themselves.

Like the 100.000 strong Foundation, we are therefore committed to improving Sino-American relations through education. Teaching Nomad is an education recruitment company that helps teachers find jobs overseas. Our company has made partnerships with a large number of schools abroad, including international and foreign language schools that offer high pay and great benefits for qualified teachers. We take the time to screen schools to determine that they will be good places for teachers to work and have great experiences abroad. Where the 100,000 Strong Foundation seeks to improve the current study abroad climate by providing Chinese and American pupils with great study abroad opportunities, we at Teaching Nomad are committed to improving the global teach abroad climate by providing teachers with jobs in schools they can trust, believe in and enjoy working at. In turn, we will provide schools with committed, excited teachers that will always maintain the highest standards of learning.

Some ask how useful living in a foreign country would be to their lives. In reality, studying or working abroad is vital for people who want to participate in a world in which countries and economies are increasingly interconnected. Currently about 200,000 Chinese students are enrolled in institutions in the United States, according to the State Department, while only 20,000 American students are studying in China. By helping professional American teachers find great Jobs at Chinese schools, we not only hope to enable Chinese students to learn more about our culture, we’re counting on the teacher to take home some of China’s ancient hospitality and deep-rooted kindness when they return to the States, and impart on American students the knowledge and understanding they’ve acquired in China.

By investing in cross-cultural education and deepening our understanding, both the 100,000 Strong Foundation and Teaching Nomad seek to make a long-term commitment to the U.S.-China relationship. A relationship that will be of vital important in the 21st Century.


By Ginger de Ridder, Account Manager at Teaching Nomad

About our company: Teaching Nomad is an American owned and operated education Recruitment Company based in Shanghai, China. Our goal and purpose is to help great teachers find great teaching jobs. Year round, we have hundreds of teaching job vacancies. Whether your goal is to be an ESL teacher or teach in an international school, we have a teaching job for you. You can browse jobs online at www.teachingnomad.com/job-search for the latest job openings. Teaching Nomad is here to make teaching in China easier, so please feel free to reach out and contact us with any questions or inquiries!


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