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Feb 11, 2012

Here at Teaching Nomad we are dedicated to helping you get set up with your perfect school! We spend countless hours researching different schools, looking over their contracts, scoping out their locations and finding out what benefits they include to ensure that your trip to China will be as enjoyable as possible. Being located here in Shanghai gives us a definite advantage

over other recruitment companies as it means that we know first-hand about what to expect when living here. We know what red flags to look out for and we can promise you that we will only set you up with schools that we are one hundred per cent sure about and that we know will treat you well.

Currently, we have hundreds of job openings available, so do not hesitate in checking out our Teach Abroad programs. Whether you are looking to teach young children or adults, live in a big modern city or somewhere off the beaten path, we are sure that we can find something perfect for you! We work very hard to find a large variety of schools in order to cater to everyone’s various teaching skills and desires. So there is no need to worry if you are only a beginner, as we have schools that are looking for just that. Vice versa, if you are a professional teacher with a lot of previous experience, we will have a number of schools who want to hire you!

Our teaching positions currently fit into the three following Teach Abroad programs:


If you are new to this whole teaching thing and you’re feeling slightly overwhelmed with all of the different options, then don’t worry because Teaching Nomad is here to help! Positions in this category are usually private English language training centers for kids or adults, preschools or universities. The jobs are located in both modern cities and smaller, more authentic ones. Some positions require a minimum of TESOL/TEFL certification while others will be happy to train you on the job, so if you have no certification don’t let this stop you from applying! Compensation is good and will certainly cover your cost of living. Salaries for these positions range from CNY 5,000 – 10,500 plus your benefits which can include free or subsidized housing, insurance, flights and bonuses.


The jobs offered to experienced teachers varies, and there are positions in private English language training centers who work with both children and adults as well as positions available in foreign language schools which require teaching of more specific subjects. So no matter what type of teaching experience you have, there is surely something there to suit you! The positions are available in both big cities as well as some smaller, less modernized areas. For these positions you will need to have at least 1-2 years of classroom teaching experience and a TESOL/TEFL certification is preferred, but not always required. As for the salaries, it ranges between CNY 8,000-16,000/month, plus expat packages which can include flights, insurance, housing subsidy and bonuses!


The jobs offered to professional teachers are usually at prestigious international schools, and they are most often located in big modern cities. The school year runs from September to June however, hiring starts very early on so don’t hesitate in contacting us and applying in advance. They will usually want 3-5 years teaching experience as well as a Postgraduate degree in education and/or teaching certification from your home state or country, but it depends on which school you are applying to. Also, you should be prepared for a two year commitment to the school as this is what most of them ask for. In relation to the salary you can expect it to range anywhere from CNY 18,000- 30,000/month. Along with this you will also receive full expat packages including housing subsidy, insurance, flights and bonuses!

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Our dedicated team is here to help you throughout the whole process, so don’t be afraid in taking that first step! Our hardworking placement consultants are living in China as foreigners themselves, so they know exactly what you want and need. They will speak to you many times throughout the process to answer all of your questions and to ensure that you are completely happy with all of the arrangements.

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