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Many American (and other Western) nationals today are apprehensive about China’s recent economic rise, and view China as an enemy rather than as a strategic partner. As part as the Obama administration’s ongoing commitment to the U.S.-China relationship, the state department launched 100,000 Strong Foundation last year to enhance and expand opportunities for U.S. students to learn Mandarin and study in China. Like the 100,000 Strong Foundation, we at Teaching Nomad believe that raising cross cultural awareness and understanding will foster the conditions necessary for stability and progress for people everywhere in the world and allows us to confront and meet our shared challenges.

25 Jun

If you’ve been teaching in China, then you’ve probably used the so-called squatting toilet. Abhorred my many foreigners, this toilet forces you to squat down when going number two, greatly reducing the comfort of your bathroom visit. Some say it’s a backward and demeaning practice, others laud the squatting toilet for its naturalist approach to bowel movements. Considering the many debates we’ve had with both foreign and Asian colleagues and friends about the benefits and drawbacks of the squatter, we decided to delve into the world of toilets and look deeper into (1) The history of the western toilet (2) The proposed health benefits of the squatting toilets.

20 Jun



China’s massive growth spurt over the last 20 years has been well popularized by the international media. A GDP growth rate that has hovered around 10% since Deng Xiao Ping's Economic reforms in the early 1980s. China consumes twice as much steel as Japan, USA and Europe combined. China will build 50,000 sky scrapers by 2025, the equivalent of 10 New York Cities. More people will move from the country side to the city between now and 2030 than the entire current US population, the biggest and fastest urban migration in the history of the planet. In the period between 1981 and 2010 approximately 680 million Chinese people were lifted above the poverty line.

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