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04 Jun

Using board games in class can be an effective way to enhance student engagement and improve English language skills. These games are also very adaptable and can be customized to match any lesson or learning context. They can be used as ice-breakers at the start of a lesson, as fillers between activities, and as activities at the end of a lesson to review key points.

01 Jun

With roughly 378 million native speakers worldwide, English surprisingly comes only third to Chinese and Spanish in the most spoken languages all over the world. Despite this, the English language doesn’t come without difficulties, especially when it comes to pronunciation. In reality, foreigners and non-native speakers may encounter English pronunciation mistakes at some point in their conversations.

The good news is that people who are just starting to learn English are not alone in this kind of battle. A lot of students who took one-on-one Skype sessions with the English tutors at Preply started out confused but are now fluent in English.

17 May

When you’re off travelling and enjoying yourself, it can be easy to lose track of your spending. And the last thing you want to have to do is call your parents to get them to send you extra cash. Sticking to a budget can be even more important when you’re travelling. You’re so far away from home and family, and you’re ultimately on your own for survival. So how do you do it?

25 Apr

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To a Westerner, preparing to live in Asia can be exciting and daunting, primarily because of its diversity. Chances are, your new home country will be drastically different from everything you are used to, and you’ll be greeted by a wealth of new experiences and more than a few challenges.

Here are some things you’ll need to get used to once you make your big move.

Standing out

Everything about you – from your eye color to your height – will stand out from the vast majority of locals in Asian countries. This is especially true in rural areas. That being said, be prepared to get a lot of stares. The Huffington Post shares that it’s common for locals to even say hello, ask for a picture, or shout random things like ‘Obama’ at you.

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English is spoken in many parts of Asia, with countries like Singapore, India, and the Philippines having it as an official language. You don’t need to learn the local dialect, but it does help to know some basic words. If you’re travelling to China, be sure to keep the Teaching Nomad basic phrase guide on your phone to help you out. It’s also good to have a translator app to further ease communication.

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Temperature and humidity

The sun can get very harsh in this continent, so you’ll need lots of sunscreen and/or an umbrella when you go out. In the evenings, you’ll most likely need to stay in a place with air conditioning for comfort. Leesa recommends keeping your bedroom between 66 and 70 degrees for the best chance of sleeping well. This small adjustment, along with breathable clothing and lots of water, can make your evenings more restorative and help you get ready for the humid Asian days.

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To a foreigner, Asian cuisine can vary from mildly surprising to downright bizarre. Be open-minded and try different things to see what you like. There's a good chance you’ll find several dishes in your new home country to your liking. You’ll also find that there’s a level of artistry in Asian cuisine that is fascinating to watch.

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Other expenses

You’ll be pleasantly surprised that a lot of your day-to-day expenses are cheap. Food, hotels, and the like are affordable. Although in countries like China, haggling is an important life skill to get commodity prices further down. CNN also recommends being extra careful when it comes to hailing taxis also recommends being extra careful when it comes to hailing taxis by insisting on using the meter or by hailing cabs through new booking apps that help drivers be more accountable.

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Cultural nuances

Finally, be wary of actions that may be alright in Western countries, but may be considered taboo in Asia and vise versa. For instance, slurping when eating noodles can be considered rude in the West, but is actually a sign of appreciation in countries like Japan. The thumbs up sign can be considered rude in Thailand, while placing chopsticks vertically in a bowl of rice is a sign of bad luck in China. The Conde Nast Traveler shares that a blanket rule is to take your shoes off before entering temples or homes and not to take pictures without permission.

Moving to Asia to teach can be a very rewarding experience, and can itself teach you so many valuable life lessons along the way. Do your research well about the way of life in your new home, and be sure to keep your mind and heart open.

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13 Apr

So you’re saving up to study a TEFL course but you feel like your savings just aren’t going to cut it. You need to make some extra cash so you can fund your course and be on your way to reaping all the benefits that a TEFL qualification can bring you.

So what are the best ways to make money? Unfortunately, very few things in life come with little effort. But there are some things you can do to boost your cash flow and fund your studies.

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Sell your Stuff

Let’s face it, we’ve all got wardrobes and cupboards full of stuff we no longer want or use. So instead of it lying there gathering dust, consider selling it. You’d be amazed what people will buy. Go through your wardrobes for old clothes and shoes. The better the condition, the more money you’re likely to get for them. And if you have any designer or brand named items, you might find that there’s more demand for these.

Before you sell any of your gear, do a quick search online to see how much other people are selling similar items for. This will give you a better idea of how much you could get for yours. Try listing your items on sites like Ebay or even pack up your gear and head to your local car boot sale. Car Boot Junction offers a list of car boot sales across the UK, where you can search by county for sales near you.

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Rent Out a Spare Room

This will probably work best if you own your own flat or if your landlord is someone you know. However, even if you don’t you can still explore this option, providing you have permission from your landlord. But if you have a spare bedroom, or even a box room, you can make some pretty serious cash!

Sites like airbnb allow you to list your available accommodation and you choose how much you rent it for. If you’re in a large city or an area where there’s a major event happening, you can rent it for even more. Annual events like the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh can cause hotel and hostel prices to soar dramatically, so do your research and price accordingly. Even if you’ve got a one-off event, such as, you know, a royal wedding, the price people will pay for a room is likely to astound you.

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Be a Tutor

Tutoring is a fantastic way of making money. And if you’re looking to study a TEFL course, tutoring can give you added teaching experience that will be looked on favourably by your future employers when you’re finally qualified to teach English to foreign language speakers.

Advertise your services in your local newspaper or library. You can set your own hourly rate based on your qualifications and experience but it can be a good idea to research the going rate for your subject and expertise to make sure you’re charging a fair price.

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House or Pet Sitting

Lots of people prefer to leave their house or pet in the hands of someone they trust when they go on holiday, rather than putting their pet in kennels and leaving their house empty. Sites such as Trusted Housesitters pairs up people looking for a house sitter with people looking to house sit. You can make some pretty good money doing this and it can be a fun experience.

On the other hand, and if you love dogs, dog walking can be a fun way to make some extra cash. People who work all day or are unable to get out often need someone to walk their dogs. Check with people you know and advertise your services in your local vets. Some vets will also be interested in getting contact details for house pet sitters as well, as their clients will often ask for recommendations.


Sell Your Old Phone

Most households have a potential gold mine, most likely gathering dust in a cupboard or drawer. Rake through your house for old mobile phones and you could be quids in. Check with the rest of your family to see if they’ve got any phones they don’t use anymore and ask if you can sell them. If you’re lucky, they might even let you keep the money you make! Sites like Music Magpie and Mobile Cash Mate will buy your old phones from you.

With Music Magpie you could get rid of all your old CDs and DVDs in return for cash too. So, you’ll be clearing out clutter as well as making money!


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