06 Jul


Is it possible to move abroad with your children? The short answer: YES, but… There’s already a lot to consider when moving abroad as a solo traveler looking for a new adventure, but throw a family in the mix and things can get even more complicated. 

However, this shouldn’t scare you away from living your dream of packing up and moving to a new country to teach - there are SO many perks to being exposed to new cultures, languages, & environments - but there are certainly some things you should be aware of before you hit the application stage. We’ve compiled a list of things to think about when considering such a big move with your family in tow!

04 Jul


Very few get to enjoy the long summer break that educators have. This holiday presents wonderful opportunities to do activities that would otherwise be difficult if one only had a week off. While many educators are now enjoying their well deserved break, why not consider some of the various suggestions below before you head back to the classroom in a few weeks.

30 Jun


Longest wall, largest population, longest bridge… If China did break some famous and impressive records, it is  also known for ranking first when it comes to funnier and more random Guinness records.

29 Jun


Gap year adventures are a trend that is continually gaining momentum. Statistics show that, annually in the UK, about 2.5 million students take a gap year before university. They are popular for a reason; known to boost academic focus, self-confidence, and personal development. However, they don't come cheap and saving money is a large part of the process. Tempted by such a life changing experience? Below is our advice on how to save for your very own gap year adventure.


22 Jun


Every culture has its own set of drinking games, so whether you’re playing flip cup in the States or ring of fire in England, you will always have the opportunity to get completely destroyed anywhere in the world. Now, if you were ever wondering what types of drinking games they play in China, look no further. Today you will learn 3 common Chinese drinking games that will effectively provide just the right amount of inebriation and fun to keep the party going. 

These games have been organized for your convenience to be played in succession. Why? Because they get simpler as you go and if there is one thing that ruins a good drinking game it’s not being able to make sentences when it’s your turn to count to 3.

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