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20 Jan


Moving to Asia for the first time was an amazing experience but the irony in making such a move was having spent so much time thinking about the reasons I was happy to be traveling abroad, I then realized everything I actually missed from back home.

29 Dec

It’s finally over. After a gruesome life-long struggle: all the hard work, the endless nights of studying, the parties, the memories, the new friends; you are now a college graduate. What’s next? All your life you have dreamt of this moment. Some choose to take a break. Others debate whether to travel the world, pursue a higher education, or simply dive right into the work field. Perhaps more than one of these options interest you. For me, all I knew is that I wanted to live my life to the fullest. I wanted to explore all the places I had never seen, view life through a different perspective, but also gain some useful work experience along the way. This is my story.

16 Dec


As a teacher who spends much of your time with students, planning lessons, meeting with parents and the like it can be easy to forget that, with the exception of public schools and a minority of not-for profit organizations, schools are businesses. Like any business they’d like to keep costs down where they can, and this includes teachers’ salaries. Of course they have to weigh this against the market rate of a teacher with certain qualifications and experience. This means that there is some grey area around salaries and some room for negotiation, though this can be a little scary. Particularly if you’ve never negotiated before.

24 Sep


The United States remains the most popular destination for Chinese students looking to study abroad. In the 2013-2014 school year over 274,000 Chinese students came to the United States to study, accounting for 31% of the entire international student body that year. A large number of these students come from China’s wealthiest and most powerful families—the daughter of President Xi Jinping, for example, studied under an assumed name at Harvard. While the US remains the uncontested number one destination for Chinese students, the U.K. came in second with a total of 58,810 students commencing their studies in the 2013-2014 school year, compared to 57,190 Chinese students in all other European countries.

Teaching Nomad is your connection to teaching in Asia & The Middle East! We are a western owned and operated teacher placement agency with offices in Denver & Shanghai. We take a lot of pride in connecting teachers with great teaching opportunities.


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