Permits and Visas for Work in UAE

Page updated as of October 2019.

A background check and attested documents must be provided to apply for a work permit in the UAE. Here's some information to help get the process started for you!

Step 1: Get your background check for the UAE

Step 2: Get your documents attested

Each school will require different documents to be attested, so check with your HR contact before moving forward. 

Examples of documents you may need to get attested are:

  1. Your university degree(s)
  2. Your teaching license
  3. Your background check

Other documents you will need to get attested if you are bringing a spouse and/or children include:

  1. A marriage certificate
  2. Your child's birth certificate (only if they are traveling with you)
  3. A divorce/spouse’s death certificate (only required if you are bringing children with you)
  4. A letter from your child’s father (in the event the father will not be traveling with children. ‘He authorizes the mother to sponsor the child(ren) for residence in the UAE’ this must be written on the document)

Note: Some prescription drugs require attestation. Contact the UAE embassy if you think you might need to have medication attested.

How to get your documents attested for use in the UAE:

There are agents that will do the entire attestation process for you, for a fee. They make the whole process much easier and provide you with peace of mind while you prepare for your move abroad. The agent we recommend using is listed under each country below.

If you choose to complete your attestation manually, below is the step-by-step process for completing the process based on your country of origin. If you have questions or run into problems during the process, contact your placement consultant or Teaching Nomad directly and we can help.

*Any estimated prices listed here are quotes that we've received in the past, and we cannot guarantee that these are the prices you'll pay*

Step 3: Work Permit

Now that your documents are attested, send scans of these documents to your employer, and they will apply for your work permit. It's important to tell them which UAE consulate you will use to apply for your work visa, as YOU CANNOT CHANGE THIS LATER. So if you plan to use an agent, you may want to consult them at this point. The entire process can take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks, so do not delay.

Step 4: Work Visa

Once approved, your employer will email your work permit approval to you which you can take to the consulate or to the visa agent assisting you.

If you're having difficulties with this process, be sure to contact your Teaching Nomad placement consultant, we're here to help!

If you decide to place an order for document attestation through us, Teaching Nomad will complete the entire process for you. After this, you'll be well on your way to teaching in the UAE!


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