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You can use this form to order a hard copy of your Teacher Link TEFL certificate, authentication of other documents (degree, teaching license, etc.), and to order a background check.

*If you don't have a background check yet, we can run one for you. Just choose the "Order Background Check" option as well as the "Authenticate Background Check" option*

We have recently taken steps to reduce our prices per document as much as possible. There is now a base fee included in every order, which greatly reduces the total cost when you place an order with multiple documents in it.


  • Choose the country that you'll be teaching in, & fill in your personal information
  • Choose the documents that you need to get authenticated & your shipping destination
  • After placing your order, please mail us the original of each document
  • Please also e-mail us a scanned copy of your passport, or upload it to the order form



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Authentication FAQ List

  • Do I need to get my documents notarized before sending them to you?

    No, please don’t get your documents notarized anywhere – that is part of our process.

  • Does your process include Chinese/UAE Embassy authentication?

    Yes, our process includes notarization, state authentication, department of state authentication (if necessary), and embassy authentication.

  • What role do I play in the TN authentication process?

    Just fill out the order form, mail us the original of each document, and email us a scan of your passport. We take care of everything else!


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  • What if my documents are from different states/countries?

    It doesn’t matter! We can authenticate documents from anywhere as long as you hold a U.S. passport.

  • How long does authentication take?

    The typical time frame is between 2-3 weeks for the entire process. Once we receive the documents back from the Chinese consulate, we will e-mail you scanned copies of everything and mail it all back to you. These scans can then be forwarded to your employer, and you'll be on your way to getting your work permit!

  • I need a background check, what do I do?

    If you’re living abroad, check with your school to see if they want you to get a background check from where you’re currently living or one from the U.S.

    If they want one from the U.S., we can run one and authenticate it for you.

  • What kind of background check will Teaching Nomad run for me?

    If you order through us, we will run a national check, and then a state level check. The consulate has requested that we get the state level check authenticated, rather than the national one.

    The state level check that we run is accepted all across China, and it works for candidates that are from any state.

  • Do I need to get an FBI background check?

    Unless where you’re going specifically requires it, you don’t need an FBI check. It costs more and takes longer to get authenticated. Most people just need a local or state level check, which we can provide.

  • What happens after my documents are authenticated?

    Typically, you’ll send scans of your documents to your school who will apply for your work permit, and then you will use that to apply for your Z-visa. Learn more here.

  • What if I want to authenticate my documents myself?

    You can do this if you live very close to the consulate that has jurisdiction over your state. You must take your documents to the consulate in person, so if this is not feasible, doing it on your own is a huge hassle, and it gets very expensive.

    If you live overseas, you will not be able to authenticate your documents on your own unless a family member lives right by the consulate that you’d have to use.

  • Why do I have to get my documents authenticated?

    Authentication is required to get a work visa in China and the UAE to make sure that your documents are real and that they belong to you.

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