How to Teach Abroad

Feb 11, 2012

Here is a quick guide on how to teach abroad put together by the team here at Teaching Nomad:

1. Make a list of goals and priorities: When you are unsure of where to start…start with yourself! What are your goals for teaching abroad? What kind of experience would you like to have?

Do you want to live in a megacity like Shanghai or are you more comfortable in a rural setting? Would you like to teach kids? Adults? Either? These are the first steps in determining what the right position is for you.

2. Do your homework: Obviously, if you are reading a post entitled “How to Teach Abroad” you are already on the right track. Take some time to research the different opportunities that are available. There are lots of different places to teach all over the world, so look around to see which positions fit with your goals and priorities and your skill set and experience. Obviously you’re already thinking about China, read up! China is a big, complex country and there are lots of great places to live…so do your research!

3. Assemble your documents: Prospective employers will require copies of your degrees and certificates, an up to date CV, and two letters of reference at a minimum; so update that CV and start scanning those documents. Sometimes, tracking down references and documents can be a time consuming process…so plan ahead!

4. Register with Teaching Nomad and work with your personal placement consultant: Your placement consultant is experienced and understands the education field here in China. They will help you find the right position for you and arrange an interview with a great school. We work with all different types of teachers, so give us the opportunity to help you find that great teaching position that is just right for you!

Thanks for taking the time to review our guide on How to Teach Abroad; we look forward to working with you!

Steve Pire


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