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11 Dec

Useful Phone Numbers in China

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Being in a new surrounding can be nerve racking, but whether you are relocating permanently or for an extended period, as long as you are prepared, there is nothing to be afraid of! One of the biggest fears running through your mind may be the difference in language.

Maybe you can utter a few words in Mandarin but won’t be able to tell the taxi driver exactly where you want to go. Or you would like to immerse yourself into the technological side of China and upgrade to the latest phone. It may seem impossible when your Chinese is limited to phrases like “duōshăo qián?” (How much does this cost?), or even “qĭng géi wŏ liăng píng píjĭu”(Please give me two bottles of beer).

We have compiled a list of useful numbers to ensure you have the smoothest transition into China: Useful Phone Numbers in China