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Teaching in Vietnam allows you to immerse yourself in the country's rich history and diverse culture. Plus, you can cross it off of your travel bucket list after living there for a year or more and getting to experience some of the most stunning natural landscapes in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is a great teaching destination for both experienced and brand new teachers. There are opportunities around every corner for foreign teachers in Vietnam, in both public and private schools. Learning English is an important factor that helps determine whether or not a family will rise above the poverty line in Vietnam, so native English speaking teachers are constantly in high demand.

Another perk of teaching in Vietnam is the location. Vietnam is located just south of China and is also bordered by Cambodia, Laos, and the South China Sea. Thailand is also just a short trip away if you want to explore any surrounding countries.

The tropical feel of Vietnam is one of the characteristics that foreign teachers and travelers can't wait to experience. Many aspiring world travelers go to Vietnam to visit the beautiful mountains, beaches, and temples.



Things to consider:

Requirements to teach in Vietnam:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree
  • Hold a TEFL certificate
  • Native English speaker

Average monthly pay:

  • $1000 - $2000 USD (23,197,500 - 46,395,000 VND)
  • *This will vary depending on experience*

Cost of living per month:

  • $500 - $1000 USD (11,598,750 - 23,197,500 VND)
  • *This will vary based on how frugal you are*


If you want to head over to Vietnam but you still need to get your 120 hour TEFL certificate, a great option is an in-class TEFL course located in Vietnam. This gives you the opportunity to go to Vietnam without committing to a full contract. You can explore and get to know some locals while earning a 120+ hour TEFL certification that you can use to get a visa in any other country that requires it. If you decide to stay in Vietnam at the conclusion of your TEFL course, some providers even offer guaranteed job placement services, which is great for you!

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How to Get a Visa to Teach English in Vietnam

Gather the following documents:

  • Bachelor's degree
  • TEFL certificate
  • FBI background check
  • Extra passport photos

Document authentication:

  • To get a work visa in Vietnam, you'll need to authenticate some of your documents through the Vietnamese embassy.

Choose a visa:

  • Many people head over to Vietnam on a business or tourist visa which then gets converted to a work visa upon arrival.


You'll need a bachelor's degree, a TEFL certificate, an FBI background check, and some passport photos in order to get the proper visa to work in Vietnam. Once you're in Vietnam, your employer will help you get a few more documents.

Speak with your school to see if they will reimburse you for any costs associated with authenticating or preparing your documents for Vietnam. You also have a few choices as to what kind of visa you want to arrive in Vietnam on, but most teachers choose to arrive on a business visa and get it converted to a work visa later on.

You'll just need to convert your visa to the proper one once you receive your new teaching job. This is a great way to smoothly transition into teaching English in Vietnam. Do keep in mind that work permit processing times can be extremely long (up to 6 months), so be sure to plan around this.

It's also likely that you'll need to get a few of your documents authenticated before going to Vietnam, so check with your school right away to make sure that you have everything you need to avoid any unexpected delays.



Can I Teach English in Vietnam on a Tourist Visa?

It is illegal to teach on a tourist visa virtually everywhere. This is not a situation that you want to get yourself into, and we do not suggest signing a contract with a school that does not plan on getting you a proper work permit.

It's important to plan ahead when you're considering teaching abroad because getting a proper visa can take a while and you don't want to put yourself in an illegal situation. Speak with potential employers about document authentication and the visa process to determine an appropriate timeline for your journey over to Vietnam.




Types of Teaching Jobs in Vietnam:

Language schools:

  • There are hundreds of language schools dispersed throughout Vietnam.
  • TEFL/CELTA holders will easily find great jobs in these institutions.
  • These centers are great for both new and experienced teachers.

International schools:

  • International schools are also very common in bigger Vietnamese cities.
  • These schools often require a few years of teaching experience to get into.
  • These schools usually hire during the summer for an August start date.

Private lessons:

  • Offering private lessons to students allows schedule flexibility for teachers.
  • Finding work can be difficult, so this might be better as a side gig.
  • Acquiring a visa/work permit just for private lessons can also be a hassle.



Teaching IB in Vietnam

As of 2020, there are 13 schools in Vietnam that use the IB curriculum. This equates to hundreds of IB teaching positions, many of which are available to foreign teachers. Learn more about teaching IB in Vietnam, and check out the history and an overview of teaching IB abroad in our blog.


Want to learn more about other curriculums taught in Vietnam? We have more information about teaching Montessori, local curriculums, CIE, and the American curriculum abroad.


What is Teaching in Vietnam Like?



Just like anywhere else in the world, students' temperaments and attitudes will vary vastly. That being said, you'll work with some great students that are interested in learning, and you'll quickly figure out which activities and lessons keep their attention and spark engagement. Education is highly valued in Vietnam, and learning English is an important part of the education system. Teachers are typically respected and valued by both parents and students.


However, the education system in Vietnam is often disorganized and very 'go with the flow'. That being said, it might be difficult for a teacher that likes to keep to a strict schedule to deal with this organized chaos, as many people like to call it.




Where in Vietnam Should I Teach English?


The answer to this question depends on what kind of environment you want to be in and what you want to get out of your international teaching experience.


A few of the most popular teaching destinations within Vietnam are:



Ho Chi Minh City

Hai Phong

Halong City


Can Tho





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