Teach English in Taiwan, one of Asia’s must-see destinations that offers you high quality of life, low cost of living, high paying jobs and unique combination of urban progression and traditional Chinese culture.

Some facts about the country:

The capital city of Taiwan is Taipei with a population of 3 million people and the total population in the country is 23 million. Taiwan is one of the member of the so called “Four Asian Tigers” which is referred to the highly free and developed economies consist of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea. Majority of the population are Buddhist and Taoist with strong influence from Confucian values and the country is ranked highly in terms of freedom of religion. The official language is standardized Mandarin and that is also what they teach in schools, however, the majority of the citizens speak Taiwanese Hokkien as their primary language. Other foreign languages e.g. English and Japanese have lots of speakers as well. Taiwanese students graduate with some of the highest scores in the world on comparative international tests. They are specifically skilled in technical areas like science and mathematics. This is probably one of the key factors to its huge success in the IT-industry with their internationally well-known brands.

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Opportunities for Teachers:

Teaching jobs in Taiwan include Pre-school, Kindergarten, Elementary school, Junior and Senior high school, Universities and adult education. A really generous benefit for all teaching jobs in Taiwan is that it includes national health insurance and also at least 10 days of vacation time. The salary range in public schools is usually between $2,000-2,400 USD per month. Most of the teaching jobs require the applicant to have went to university of education or teachers’ college and sometimes even a half year of internship is required. Most programs in education typically last four years (128-148 credits). Teaching English in Taiwan can be a great way to save extra money or pay off student loans while enjoying a rich overseas experience.

Cost of living:

One bedroom apartment in city centre of Taipei costs about 3,000 TWD to rent. Taiwan is not a large island and is about the same size of Belgium and thanks to its effective road system and high-speed train network it is easy to get around the nation. Schools that Teaching Nomad works with in Taiwan allowing for a comfortable quality of life and saving potential.

Getting Started:

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