As of one the fastest developing countries in the Gulf region, teaching opportunities in Doha, Qatar are expanding rapidly. If you’re looking for an enriching cultural experience while living in an ocean front international metropolis than teaching in Doha, Qatar is your place.

Living in Qatar

Qatar is located in the Middle East and it has a population of 2.2 million people, which is partly comprised of a large expatriate community. Although, Qatar is considered a small or mid-sized Middle Eastern country. Qatar is an international destination with many accommodations and attractions as western countries. Attractions and amenities, which include malls, museums, water parks and more. There is also a wide range of water sport activities because Qatar is almost entirely surrounded by water.

Temperature ranges from warm to hot throughout the whole year, starting from 16 degrees Celsius (60 F) to 38 degrees Celsius (100F). Many schools begin their day very early around 6:30 AM or 7:00 AM to avoid the afternoon heat.

Facts about Qatar


  • Qatar is a lovely gulf country and most of the population lives in the city of Doha, which is the capital.
  • It is very easy to adapt to life in Qatar because it is very small.
  • There is a mode of dressing but it is not strict.
  • Their women dress in relatively normal western dress but no bikinis, unless at the western hotels.
  • International driver’s license is not recognized in the country.
  • Getting a Qatari driver’s license is very easy, there is no lesson or any kind of test apart from the eye test.
  • There are lots of cultural and major sporting events every year.
  • There are other cultural events including live music performances outside on the beach, famous European musicians and lots of other international expositions.
  • Alcohol will only be found in big western hotels.
  • Certain foods that are forbidden for Qataris will not be found in restaurants or stores as well, unless in big western hotels.

Teaching in Qatar

Teaching abroad in Qatar is a great opportunity to earn money, travel, and live life as an expat. Fueled by wealth from oil and a strong effort to make the economy a world class standard, the wonderful country has undergone a major transformation in recent years. This earned her a reputation as a regional center for culture and commerce. The entire country is within a major educational reform, they are trying to move into a mode of instruction where particularly all their basics will be taught in English from Kindergarten and above. So therefore, there are plenty of jobs available for native English speaking teachers. Although there was a preference for teachers with British curriculum experience, many schools are beginning to employ both U.S. common core standards as well as International Baccalaureate (IB). Teachers of all native English speaking nationalities will be considered based on their classroom experience, qualifications and curriculum experience.

The majority of teach abroad opportunities in Qatar will be at International & foreign language schools. The majority of these will provide an international style education to local children, but some will have a student population of expats. There are also some language centers and universities where you can teach English as a second language. Qatar University is the local university and it was established in the year 1972. Lots of American universities have branches here in Qatar, one Canadian University with a reputation of hiring only Canadians, a famous Dutch university for hospitality and many more.

Benefits of Working in Qatar

Teaching jobs in Qatar usually offer a salary ranging from 9,000 to 16,300 QR per month, this is approximately $2,400 to $4,500 tax-free salary monthly. Higher salaries are offered to leadership roles depending on the experience and qualifications. You will as well receive additional benefits along with your salary. Every private international schools in Qatar offers a wide range of benefits, ranging from accommodations, flight, utilities, and health insurance. Some positions also include these benefits for family members.

Language and native tongue in Qatar

The official language in Qatar is Arabic and it is divided into two types, which is Gulf and Standard. Either or both of them are also understood and well spoken by other Middle Eastern countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Iran and other countries close to Qatar. The Standard language is also called Al Arabiya and Al Fus-Ha or high Arabic. While the other names for Gulf Arabic includes Khaliji and Qatari and it is further divided into two dialects namely North and South Qatari. Another Commonly spoken language in Qatar is called the Western Farsi, it is a Persian language, which is widely spoken in Iran and it surrounding countries.

Just as in other advanced countries, life in Qatar is a mix of troughs, peaks, roundabouts, swings and ups and downs. If you as an expat prepares for what to expect from the Emirates, then you are on your way to making the best of living in Qatar. Life in Qatar is what you make of it. Despite being an Islamic country, cultural attractions and entertainments are developing at a very high speed. There are plenty of things to do as an expat if you are willing to put in some effort.

This beautiful country has permitted tourism visit in the country since 1989. Doha the capital of Qatar has one of the best tourist places in Qatar. There are many destinations to visit in Qatar but tourists mostly visits Doha during their tour to Qatar. The museums, deserts, mosques and many more are in Doha. The waterside roads, fresh air and huge desert dunes often attract travelers.

In summary, this is a great opportunity to teach abroad. If you’re concerned about your standard of living, Qatar offers accommodations equal to western countries, if not more. Teaching Nomad and its consultants are dedicated to make sure your placed with your interests in hand every step of the way. Contact us so we can answer any other questions and explain how to get started.


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