TEFL Teaching in Thailand

Thailand is full of amazing experiences just waiting to be discovered, making it an incredibly popular tourist and teaching destination. Over the years, teachers’ interest in TEFL teaching in Thailand has grown exponentially, and most people use a recruiter to find a job at a reputable school in Thailand.

Working with a recruiter to find a TEFL job in Thailand will allow you to have a conversation with your placement consultant about your expectations versus the reality of things, and you might even be able to speak with someone that has recently been placed in Thailand through that same company.

Speaking to someone that is currently teaching in Thailand or has taught in Thailand in the past will allow you to learn what life is actually like in Thailand, how easy it is to make friends, and how to get the most out of your time in Thailand.


Teaching jobs in Thailand


If you’re a beginner teacher without a TEFL and you want to teach abroad, Thailand is a great place to earn your TEFL certificate and start your teaching career. There are in-person TEFL courses offered in many cities across Thailand – a couple of the most popular being Phuket and Chiang Mai.

After you complete a TEFL course in Thailand, in-country representatives will support you in finding a great teaching gig. Some courses even offer you guaranteed job placement after successful completion!


TEFL courses in Thailand


Expectations vs reality

Something that’s important to do before moving abroad to teach English in Thailand is to curb expectations and ensure that you’re prepared for reality. Teaching abroad is a very exciting experience, and you should be eager to go. However, make sure that your expectations and standards are realistic for moving to another country that may be drastically different than your home country.

Consider your expectations regarding housing, money, your school, your students, and your free time. Make sure that they’re all spot-on by reading blogs, speaking with people who have taught in Thailand, and by speaking with your recruiter about any concerns you may have.

Your experience will not be the same as anyone else’s, and that isn’t a bad thing. Setting your expectations reasonably will make the transition easier for you. This way, there are no big let downs, and if things end up better than expected, you’ll get to enjoy a welcome surprise!


Making friends

Teaching in Thailand is an easy way to make friends. You’ll meet many other foreign teachers that are in the same boat as you, and you’ll be able to get to know them during your new adventure! A great way to make friends is to introduce yourself to your fellow foreign (and non-foreign) teachers right away, and then invite them to go explore the city with you.

While you’re out and about, you’ll also get the chance to introduce yourself to locals. Locals are known for being very friendly, but they may also be intimidated by a foreigner approaching them. A great way to get to know locals that don’t work at your school is to befriend local teachers and have them introduce you to their social circles.


Enjoying your time teaching English in Thailand

We ranked Thailand in the top six countries to teach abroad in, due to its tropical climate and geography, its friendly locals, and its popularity among foreign teachers.

That being said, teaching English in Thailand will be an unforgettable experience no matter how you choose to spend your time there. To make the most of it, it might be helpful to sit down before you leave your home country and make a list of the things you want to accomplish while in Thailand. This list will help give your life a bit of structure after your move abroad, and this way you can ensure that you don’t forget to do anything!


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