Earn your TEFL certificate in Barcelona, Spain!

About the classroom TEFL course in Barcelona, Spain:

Earn your TEFL certificate in Barcelona, and start teaching ESL in Spain right after the course ends!

Program length
Job assistance
26 days
€1400 - €4300
Around €400


About the location

Barcelona, Spain

  • The TEFL course takes place in the iconic Eixample district in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The Eixample district is full of life, and you’ll find a diverse selection of shops, restaurants, and bars to hang out at during your free time.
  • Barcelona is a popular teaching destination, and there are plenty of TEFL jobs awaiting you.
  • From the windows of the TEFL classroom, you’ll be able to see La Sagrada Familia, which is the stunning basilica in the photo to the left.
Buildings in Barcelona
Classroom in Barcelona

About the program

  • It’s a 4 week-long, 190-hour TEFL course.
  • Expect to be in class from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm with adequate breaks Monday-Friday.
  • You’ll have free time on the weekends to explore Spain.
  • The classes you’ll work with are capped at 12 students.
  • You’ll get to participate in 10 hours of teaching practice to prepare you for your teaching career.
  • You’ll learn from excellent TEFL trainers who are ready to help you reach your full potential in the classroom.

Finding a TEFL job

*B.A. is not required for job placement support.*

  • All graduates receive job placement assistance.
  • You’ll also receive lifetime job support from qualified advisors.
  • You will have free time on the weekends while taking the TEFL course, so you can get an idea of the area that you’d like to teach in after you complete the course.
  • The demand for English teachers in Spain is high, so it won’t be difficult to find a teaching job.

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Job interview

Program options:

The 4-week-long TEFL course costs about $1645 USD (approx. 1365 €).

This is an intensive, full-time university-level course, and you will be fully certified and prepared to teach English as a foreign language after completing it.

This option is designed for those that have completed the TEFL course who want a student visa and are ready to live and teach in Spain.

Total tuition depends on visa length:

7 months: 2000 € ($2280 USD)

8 months: 2250 € ($2560 USD)

9 months: 2500 € ($2850 USD)

10 months: 2700 € ($3080 USD)

11 months: 2900 € ($3300 USD)

12 months: 3100 € ($3530 USD)

This option is designed for those that need to complete the TEFL course who also want a student visa and are ready to live and teach in Spain afterwards.

Total tuition depends on visa length:

8 months: 3400 € ($3870 USD)

9 months: 3650 € ($41600 USD)

10 months: 3900 € ($4450 USD)

11 months: 4100 € ($4675 USD)

12 months: 4500 € ($5130 USD)

If you’re unsure about which date to choose, speak with a course advisor to learn more about the program and figure out when the best time to enroll is.

Barcelona TEFL course dates


April 21

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May 19

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June 16

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July 14

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August 11

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September 8

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October 6

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November 3

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December 1

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Housing is not included in the price, but once you enroll in the course, a course director will assist you with finding accommodation during your stay in Barcelona. They know the area well and will be able to help you find what you’re looking for!

Housing options?

Shared apartment: You can book a single room in a shared apartment. Apartments are often shared with 2-3 other students that are enrolled in the TEFL course. Shared flats cost around €400 .

Independent housing: If you choose to find your own housing, prices will vary and you will need to book it on your own.

About Barcelona – things to do and see

This TEFL course takes place in Barcelona, Spain, in the Eixample District. This iconic district is filled with restaurants, bars, shops, and anything else you can think of. No matter what you need, you’ll be able to find it with relative ease.

Nearby attractions & things to do: visit La Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Milà, or the beach! There are many attractions to check out and places to visit in and around Barcelona.

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
Map of Barcelona in Spain

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    What course alumni have to say

    Thank you for your wonderful guidelines on how to teach children English. I learned a great deal about all of the important fundamentals. I feel very prepared to teach English to a variety of types of learners. I feel confident in being able to help others to progress in learning English as I have progressed in learning to teach English. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in being a good TEFL teacher in another country or in your own respective country for that matter. Thank you!


    The experience was unique because it was something I’d never done before and I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into! Therefore this was a good opportunity to learn something new and see if it was for me. 


    The course was very informative, inspiring and insightful. It stimulated my intellect and shaped my role as an educator. I now have knowledge about classroom management. I gained vast knowledge about learning theories and how to incorporate the elements from different theories into my lesson plan.


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